Over the years the Village of Pilger has worked with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED) through its Community Development Block Grant  (CDBG) Program, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD), the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District (LENRD), and PrairieLand Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) to assist with economic and community development projects and issues. 

The Village of Pilger has been involved with the Nebraska Community Improvement Program (NCIP) administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for many years.  Several projects, including Operation Tree Screening & Wind Break, Ball Field Improvements, Pilger Pool Project, and Scrap Tire Collection, were honored with a Special Award at the annual NCIP banquets.  Pilger continues to improve the community and to submit such improvements to the NCIP program. 

The Village of Pilger has been selected as a Tree City, USA for the past nine years.  An Arbor Day Celebration is held annually at the end of April.  The program for this celebration is in cooperation with the Wisner-Pilger Middle School.  Both 5th & 6th grade bands perform and students also recite poems pertaining to trees and Arbor Day.   Pilger takes pride in the trees within Pilger Park and its tree nursery located on the grounds of the Transfer Station/Recycling Facility.  Over the years the nursery trees have been relocated to various places throughout the Village of Pilger.

A variety of information is available online for the Village of Pilger.  To learn more about the economic and demographic trends in this area, visit one of the links below:

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Every three years a community attitude survey is conducted to assess the village services, facilities, economic growth, housing, and challenges facing Pilger. The results are presented during a town hall meeting for the residents and Board members. Copy of the results are also made available through the village office.