Another state will no longer tax feminine hygiene products, diapers

DENVER (KKTV/Gray News) — Colorado joins several other states in no longer taxing diapers or feminine hygiene products.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis said the state has permanently removed sales tax on such items sold in grocery stores and drugstores.

“We said diapers and feminine products are necessities that should be like apples and oranges; there is no sales tax, it is not a luxury item. So we have permanently removed sales tax on these items,” Polis said.

Two state representatives and two state senators also said they support removing these taxes.

“Removing the dignity tax is a smart move, not only to save Coloradans money on essentials, but to help eliminate the stigma around these everyday items,” Rep. Susan said. Lontina.

KKTV reports that the bill would go into effect on Wednesday.

“It’s a matter of dignity. The more affordable we can make these products, the more people will have access to these essentials and the more money people in our state will save,” said Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis.

Lawmakers said the bill passed earlier this year with support from Democrats and Republicans in the state.

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