As Inflation Rages, Idaho’s Grocery Tax Seems Immoral

I was in the middle of a radio show when I looked at the television screen in the studio and was shocked by an image. A pound of green beans is represented for three dollars. It was like an epiphany. Most living Americans have never really known the meaning of deprivation. Now we could be heading for the worst times since the Great Depression and World War II era. Are we ready?

A tough ride ahead

We got a taste of the shortages. It all started with toilet paper that disappeared two years ago. Now it’s formula milk. This summer, I saw predictions that large swathes of grocery shelves would be empty. What remains will be expensive/

Wednesday, I went to a store for some items. I didn’t need a grocery cart and still paid close to $30 for the trip. I’m single. I easily spend over $100 a week on groceries and household items. I don’t know how a family of five copes with inflation.

The tax on groceries must disappear

Idaho has a food tax. Only half a dozen states tax food. I’ve heard arguments that it’s fairer. People who make this claim are clearly comfortable and believe that everyone has made their own bed and should now be wallowing in misery. Life is not that simple. You need an empathy transplant if you don’t see how we tax the poor and make them poorer.

A Republican lawmaker told me a few weeks ago that we at least got a food tax refund and most people were getting a lot of the money back. To raise the question, why bother with a tax on groceries in the first place? Either you find another source of revenue, or better yet, you stop the growth of government.

Opportunities to repeal the tax fell through because members of the Old Monk Network did not like the figures proposing an end to the tax. Remember, those grumpy old men won’t go hungry. They enjoy all the advantages of modern life. The earliest we can see this tax disappearing is around this time next year. It is quite clear that there are people who hold public office and that they do not represent the people.

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