Boone County Commission to Review Use Tax Thursday Afternoon | Central Missouri

The Boone County Commission plans to start the process Thursday to accept election results for a new voter-approved use tax.

The commissioners are due to give a first reading of the tax results during their meeting at 1:30 p.m.

The committee is due to give the second reading at its meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning. The tax will be implemented on January 1, 2023.

Voters approved the measure in the April 5 election 15,278 to 13,157 in Boone County and 11,289 to 8,282 in Colombia. The measure will add a sales tax on out-of-state vendors for online purchases.

The out-of-state vendor tax for online purchases is set at 1.75% in Boone County and 2% in Columbia.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Matt McCormick spoke about the tax after it was passed. McCormick says the tax will help level the playing field for local businesses.

“It really helps in the area of ​​our small retail businesses here, this playing field, even the playing field against online retail stores like Amazon or like Wayfair and things like that,” McCormick says. . “It goes to things like helping with the roads, filling in all those potholes that we love so much this time of year, helping with public safety, whether it’s in the sheriff’s department at the 911 Center, our local Columbia Police Department, and then a number of other different things, so other things like some parks a bit in airport transportation along those lines.

Voters previously rejected the “Wayfair tax” when it was on the ballot in 2017.

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