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COLUMBIA – The Boone County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a Boone County murder suspect has been captured in Iowa.

Mark Alan Achterberg was found and taken into custody without incident late Wednesday afternoon in Creston, Iowa.

He is charged with the first degree murder of his alleged friend Justin Stidham.

Cape County Boone. Brian Leer said the department worked with authorities to determine he was on his way to Preston and was able to coordinate his arrest.

Boone County detectives will travel to Preston on Thursday.

Cap. Leer said he expects Achterberg to return to mid-Missouri in “about next week.”

A warrant without bond for Achterberg’s arrest was issued on Tuesday.

Mark Alan Achterberg

According to the sheriff’s office, Stidham was able to identify Achterberg as the individual who shot him before he later died from his gunshot wound.

Stidham was at his girlfriend’s home on North Kent Drive in northeast Colombia when police found him on the ground in a pool of blood. His girlfriend wanted to remain anonymous because Acterberg is still on the run.

According to Stidham’s girlfriend, Stidham knew Achterberg during the time they were incarcerated together.

She said they often swap vehicles, but when Stidham didn’t return Achterberg’s truck for almost a week, Achterberg became frustrated.

MPs questioned a neighbor who said he spoke with Achterberg on Sunday. The neighbor also claimed that Achterberg was angry with Stidham for stealing his truck.

Achterberg reportedly told the neighbor: “I’m going to shoot him, not figuratively but literally.”

Stidham’s girlfriend said she was not aware of what had happened until she got home.

“Mark went upstairs and said ‘I shot him!’ I panicked and ran down the stairs and Justin was lying in the basement, bleeding. “

Stidham’s girlfriend said Stidham had scratches on his face and was tied by a tie when she found him.

“When police arrived at the scene there was evidence to suggest that some type of wrestling had taken place before,” Cap said. Leer said.

Stidham’s girlfriend said that after returning home Achterberg drove off in his red truck. The sheriff’s office said surveillance video outside the house confirmed this.

She said she hoped her boyfriend’s murderer would be brought to justice and people around him should be careful.

“Mark is not a good guy,” she said. “How do you say someone is your friend and you do this to them?” “


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