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Having a debt with Good Finance is never fun. It may feel painful mentally but it can also make it financially difficult for you. For example, you will be limited in what you are allowed to do when it comes to obtaining a subscription, lease or take out a loan.

Basic conditions for quick loans

Basic conditions for quick loans

To apply for a quick loan you need to meet some common basic conditions. These are usually the same with all lenders.

The first is that you need to be of legal age. Some lenders have 18 years as an age limit, while others have a bit over 20 years as a limit for borrowing. You also need to be a Swedish citizen and registered in Sweden.

If you have an active debt with Good Finance, it is impossible to get a quick loan. However, there are lenders who can grant quick loans with payment notes.

The road to Good Finance

The road to Good Finance

The Chronicle is the last stop for your unpaid bills. Usually you first get at least one reminder. It has a reminder fee that is added to the unpaid sum. If you still do not pay the reminder, the bill will be forwarded to Debt Collection.

Debt collection companies are the intermediate step and send a collection invoice. It will be the collection company’s responsibility to collect the money from you to the company. Here, the fees grow larger because they have spent money to cover up the debt you have and because they have to work actively to get that money out of you.

You will receive a debt collection home that tells you how much you have to pay back and when, and that the case will be sent to Good Finance if you do not pay on time.

If you do not pay the debt to the Debt Collection then it will be forwarded to Good Finance. The task of the Crown Magistrate is to ensure that everyone gets paid as they should by paying everyone what they owe. When a bill ends up at Good Finance, they do an examination on the case.

If they think you should pay the bill, you will receive a payment note. It appears in the register for three years. This also applies if you immediately pay the debt to Good Finance.

How do I avoid getting to Good Finance?

How do I avoid getting to Good Finance?

Actually, there is only one answer to that question. And that is to pay the bills on time. If everything is paid for properly, there is no risk of ending up at Good Finance. However, on the question of how to always pay their bills on time, there are slightly different answers.

First, you should make sure that your costs are not higher than your revenue. Review your expenses and cut down on unnecessary consumption. Always make a budget before you incur more costs.

Other common ways are to use Autogiro or E-invoice. You can even make a habit of paying the bill immediately when it arrives.

Quick loan with note from Good Finance

Quick loan with note from Good Finance

To take a quick loan with debt from Good Finance is basically impossible. If, on the other hand, you have paid off the debt but have left your note, there are lenders who can grant quick loans. This is because, among other things, quick loans granting lower amounts are common loans, so the chance that you repay is greater.

Taking a quick loan with debt is usually not a good idea, as a loan becomes another debt. But sometimes extra money is needed and you have no other choice.

Another scenario might be that you take out a quick loan to avoid getting debt. In fact, in order to protect your finances, it may actually be better to take a quick loan as soon as you get the first reminder of your unpaid bill. This way, you do not have to pass the case on to the Debt Collection and the Crown Court.

Both of these add to large fees, so in some cases a quick loan can actually be a cheaper solution. But this only applies if you are sure that you can pay the fast loan on time.

Keep in mind that fast loans should not be seen as a way to pay bills, but this is in individual cases where it is really needed. Never incur a cost that you know you cannot afford.

Even a quick loan is a cost, but it can, as I said, save you in certain moments. The interest rate is usually quite high, so pay back as soon as you can just to reduce the interest cost as much as possible.