Colorado Buffaloes beat Oregon State 37-34 in overtime


BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – Oregon State kicker Everett Hayes missed a 38-yard field goal in second overtime after scoring 60 yards at the end of regulation and Cole Becker’s 43 yards gave Colorado a 37-34 victory over the Castors on Saturday night.

The reunion crowd rushed onto the pitch as Becker’s basket flew high through the posts.

Colorado (3-6, 2-4 Pac-12) won for the first time in four overtime games in program history and the Buffs denied bowl eligibility for Oregon State (5-4, 3-3), who hasn’t won six games since 2013.

The teams traded touchdowns in the first overtime with Brendon Lewis scoring on a 9-yard quarterback keeper for Colorado and running back BJ Baylor catching a high direct snap with his left hand and trotting through the end zone. goals.

For the game to even get extra time, it took an incredible finish from the Beavers.

Hayes missed a 51-yard goal with 32 seconds left, but the Beavers had their three timeouts and they forced Colorado to kick the ball, which Anthony Gould returned 26 yards to the Beavers 49 with 5 seconds left. .

With five defenders on the goal line, Chance Nolan threw a 9-yard pass to Gould, who came out of bounds at Buffs 42 with 1 second left.

Hayes cleared the crossbar easily, his 60 yards tying Mason Crosby’s record for the longest field goal at Folsom Field set against Iowa State on Oct. 16, 2004.

Brendon Lewis’ 16-yard pass to Montana Lemonious-Craig with 2:24 remaining gave the Buffs a 27-24 lead.

That score was set by Jarek Broussard’s 49-yard rush just after Nolan gave Oregon State their first lead at 24-20 with a 27-yard touchdown to Tre’Shaun Harrison midway through the fourth quarter.

Both teams provided an appetizer for the frenzied ending as they traded goals on the pitch in the dying 39 seconds of the first half.

Hayes tied Becker’s 52 yards with 45 yards at the end of the time limit to bring the Beavers down to 13-10 at halftime.

Take it away

State of Oregon: On an unusually warm day in the Rocky Mountains, when the temperature at kickoff was 73 degrees warmer than any of the Buffs’ four games in October, the Beavers started cold and dragged out most of the night in their second straight loss.

Colorado: The Buffs posted a season record 144 offensive yards in the first quarter, but in the second quarter they had 50 offensive yards with 40 penalty yards. They were reported three times in five games after reaching Oregon State 15 with 1:33 remaining. But they showed resilience and worked their way to victory after losing 10-0 and 20-10.

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