Colorado Springs student with mask stuck to her face sparks outrage over mask’s warrant


Mask warrants have been around for almost a year now, but how they are forced varies from city to city. In Colorado Springs, a school decided to take very extreme measures by sticking the masks on the faces of the students. The “politics” have now gone viral, thanks to a parent who took to social media and the press to criticize Chinook Trail Middle School. Her revelation has now led the school district to launch an investigation, which has only done more publicity.

Masks have become a major cultural war in the United States, as the pandemic has forced people to rethink the way they live. President Joe Biden was pictured without a mask at dinner with First Lady Jill on October 16, creating a social media storm. While Biden himself has been eagerly pushing the mask warrants, many have fought back. In fact, a California anti-mask has gone viral for calling the masks “rape.”


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Schools themselves have become a major hotbed for mask debates. In late September, parents threatened to remove their children from a school in Des Moines, Iowa, and deny her funding if she went ahead with a mask warrant. In other cases, school board meetings have regularly taken a violent turn over mask warrants, the only option to counter the pandemic since children cannot yet be vaxxed.

Chinook Trail Middle School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Chinook Trail Middle School / Facebook)

“It’s sad that our world has come to this”

The extreme measures of Chinook Trail Middle School came to light thanks to Stephanie M., whose daughter attends school. She learned about the recording thanks to Timehop. On October 15, Stephanie sent a photo from the app to her daughter, who sent her a selfie in return. In this selfie, Stephanie’s daughter was seen wearing a mask with duct tape, prompting the mother to start asking questions.

The sixth grade student told his mother that teachers would give a warning to the students if the mask slipped or was removed. Next time, they would stick the mask on the students’ faces. Apparently, the school has been pursuing the policy “for weeks” since Academy School District 20 instituted a mask warrant on September 27. It appears that the teachers “wore the masking tape around their wrists like bracelets” so that they could apply the mask warrant.

Talk to Fox 21 NewsStephanie said the policy was “a kind of coercion” and also lamented the effect it was having on her daughter. “With the mask warrants and everything … she loves them because they hide her face from acne or whatever. What really made me sad is that she didn’t see which was wrong. ” Stephanie added: “Your face is you, that’s how people know you. They just double their efforts to hide you and not let you breathe and… that’s a conformity to the ‘extreme.”

Another parent, Tori Skeldum, added: “It’s sad our world has come to this and teachers would think everything is fine.” Over the weekend, Stephanie posted her daughter’s selfie on social media, asking other parents if their children had also undergone the same treatment. This image quickly exploded, leading the district to launch an investigation.

“There are so many versions of this story”

On October 18, the school district emailed parents about the situation and confirmed it was investigating. “Currently, we have no concrete conclusions. As we know more, we will keep our community informed. We thank our community for their patience and support as we take appropriate action to address these serious allegations,” a he declared. D-20 communications director Allison Cortez added that talking to every student was essential, due to the contrasting stories.

“We heard rumors that the students did it themselves; we heard rumors that the teachers distributed the tape; we heard rumors that the teachers joked about it, but the students got the tape. There are so many versions of this story, ”Cortez said. A Facebook group for parents shows that this does indeed appear to be the case. A parent uploaded a screenshot of a conversation, where it looks like the kids are bringing the tape and recording.

Currently, more than 100 staff and students are interviewed, as are parents. One parent who is not involved in the process, however, is Stéphanie. On October 19, the school principal asked to meet the mother, but she declined the invitation. Stephanie told Fox News she is seeking legal advice, but her decision will not affect her daughter’s education. Stéphanie’s daughter will go to school virtually until the end of the investigation.

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