Defense knows the next step it must take



FORT COLLINS, Colorado – Playing good defense is a start. Playing good defense, which is Colorado State’s goal, is going to take a little bit more.

Aries rank 53rd in total defense, with their ability to stop the race (23rd overall) leading the charge. The three sacks per game they record are strong, as are the seven loss tackles per game, helping to keep opposing attacks behind the chains.

What they need, however, is what the offense has, and that’s the ball. Colorado State Revenue Margin Ranks 98e in the country, and it’s not because CSU is subject to turnover. Only three Mountain West teams have returned it less, but the Rams weren’t too strong to create them, only three in total this season.

It is a separator between good and excellent.

“Absolutely. We are getting anxious”, cornerback Marshaun cameron noted. “We’re really hungry. We can see a lot more turnovers in training which is a good sign. Hopefully we can continue and that will lead to turnovers in the game.”

There is no secret exercise that the other teams do that makes them more adept at flying. The training exercises have been passed down from generation to generation, and although there are some variations, the basics are the same. Defenders have learned to strip off the ball for years and then pounce on it.

The exercises will never stop, and Colorado State emphasizes that during practice. As defensive coordinator Chuck heater has been around defenses, he sees a correlation between the defenses that create them and those that don’t.

“It’s part of good defense, it’s turnovers. We played good defense, but we didn’t create a lot of turnovers,” he said. “We would really like to see that done because it helps you win ball games.

“I believe you get what you insist on, but sometimes it just happens because you have guys who can make plays. That being said, you have to train it, you have to stress it and get a result for it. Sometimes you have guys doing it. “

Scott Patchan recovered two fumbles this year, placing it among the leaders in the country, an outlier compared to the unit’s overall output. So it can be done, and the Rams feel like they have developing playmakers on the pitch.

Playmakers, Heater said, are usually the guys who understand defense, know their role, and can instinctively read plays as they unfold, putting them in the right position to shake things up. The more you have, the better the performance of a defense.

“The main thing on the part of the coaches, we have to make sure our great players play well, and we have to make sure that the other players join us and play well. That’s the key,” said Mohamed kamara, of which 4.5 sacks lead the team. “For some people it just becomes natural. Then you have people doing plays and that’s, wow. If you do it in practice, it’s not confusing.

“It’s reading plays, reading the quarterback. It’s how the running back runs with the ball, looks at the quarterback, how he runs with the ball, how he throws it and clears it. low, but for us to be a good defense we have to create turnovers. That’s the next step for us. “

Saturday’s Homecoming affair with the state of San Jose would be a good place to start. The Spartans have been prone to turnovers this year, tied for the conference lead with 10 – an even split between fumbles and interceptions. The Rams have just one pick this year, which came in the last game with Iowa when it was a real freshman corner Robert floyd produced a game that set up a touchdown for the state of Colorado.

These are the games that can turn the tide or allow teams to deliver the final dagger. These are the games Cameron sees the defense making more and more in training, but the next step is to do it more often in a game.

“You just do your job and get to the ball when you see it. When you know what you’re doing you can play easier, play faster and react to what you see,” he said. “And when you see it, play the game. There are fewer missed missions and we get turnovers in training. When the ball is on the ground, everyone is running for it. It’s small things. Running to the ground. balloon, even just being there when the room is away from you is important.

“We know that if we take care of the defense and the special teams, you have a chance to win. That’s our goal.”


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