For electric vehicles, solar tax breaks and climate change, -2-

And: In the midterm elections, voters in California and Massachusetts must decide whether millionaires should pay more taxes – which way would you vote?

California, whose economy ranks fifth in the world, can wield a much broader influence on climate change than is contained within its borders. The effectiveness of an “ultra-rich” tax in democratizing more green efforts could impact upcoming elections in other states.

Meanwhile, on the other coast, New York submits Proposition 1 to the voters. This would allow the populous and influential state to issue $4.2 billion in bonds for environmental, natural resources, water infrastructure and climate change mitigation projects.

At least two governor races are weather races

Two western state governor races could affect the 40 million people who get their water through the century-old Colorado River Pact.

A two-decade mega-drought has left the Colorado River dangerously low. Scientists estimate that about 40% of drought is attributable to human-caused climate trends.

To address the extreme lack of water, the Department of the Interior took unprecedented action earlier this year, telling the governors of Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and California if they didn’t come up with a crisis proposal, the agency’s Bureau of Reclamation would do it for them.

Now, elections in Arizona and Nevada could delay a state-run plan, forcing the Department of the Interior to step in. And, as USA Today reports, in both states, Republicans with unorthodox water bodies are voting well.

In Arizona, Republican candidate Kai Lake wants to prioritize finding additional water supplies over conservation. In Nevada, Republican candidate Joe Lombardo says California is getting too much water under current rules and the entire Colorado River Compact should be renegotiated. But to rewrite a pact ratified in 1922, the approval of Congress, state legislatures and governors is required, a potentially daunting task.

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