Fraser City Manager Releases Public Statement on Grand Park’s Proposed Tax Increases

City Manager Ed Cannon and the Board will continue to discuss Cornerstone’s proposed tax increases for Grand Park residents.
Meg Soyars/Sky-Hi News

In July, Cornerstone Holdings, the owners of the Grand Park development in Fraser, asked the city council to allow them to raise taxes and extend the tax deadline for Grand Park’s 255 residents.

Clark Lipscomb, president of the real estate division of Cornerstone Holdings, submitted an amended service plan agreement outlining proposed tax increases for the Grand Park metropolitan districts.

Grand Park is made up of three special metro districts: West Meadow, West Mountain and Byers View. Metropolitan neighborhoods serve large developments like Grand Park to spread the costs of services and improvements among residents. The districts act as a local government that can levy and collect taxes for these services. Service plan agreements set tax rates and timelines.

Currently, Fraser City Council has not voted on whether or not to approve the tax increases. At their Oct. 5 meeting, trustees expressed their intent to wait until residents are fully represented on the metropolitan district board. Currently, Clark Lipscomb and his wife Meredith Lipscomb are the only members of the West Meadow District Board of Directors. Council elections will take place in May and residents can stand to represent their community members on council.

As the city continues to deliberate on Cornerstone’s proposed tax increases, City Manager Ed Cannon said the process is transparent and encourages public participation.

Cannon shared the following official public statement:

Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes sets out the authority of municipal governments regarding metropolitan district service plans. This authority includes the power to 1) approve the submitted Service Plan without conditions or modifications, 2) disapprove the submitted Service Plan, or 3) conditionally approve the Service Plan subject to the submission of additional information relating to to, or modification of, the Proposed Service Plan or by agreement with the Proponents of the Proposed Service Plan.

Fraser City Council would like to clarify that the formal review of recently submitted amended service plans for the metropolitan districts of West Meadow, West Mountain and Byers View will be and always have been intended to be a public and transparent process. The city council takes submissions seriously and has engaged a special council and councilor to assist with the city’s review and is in the early stages of gathering information and advice on the proposals and related process. Fraser has also received extensive feedback from residents, and all public comments on submissions to date have been heard and City Council encourages continued public engagement in this process.

City Council intends to formally seek public comment on the submissions before undertaking any final review of the proposals. This will include, at a minimum, a formal public hearing at a town council meeting. In accordance with normal procedures, the City will continue to provide public notices for each of the next steps in this process.

The city’s next meeting on Grand Park’s amended service plans was Wednesday, October 26. The meeting was an executive session, meaning no public hearing took place. The next public meeting will be on November 2.

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