Fulton Council imposes a tax on cigarettes

125 years ago 1897 Fulton Weekly Gazette

Musical entertainment will be given at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15, at the German church. Admission is 25 cents and the performance is performed by the Reverend E. Berdau, mixed choir, Miss Lottie Backer, Miss Rosa Lorenz, May Jameson, Philip Backer and the Male Quartette. Tickets on sale for German Church Entertainment at Bolton’s.

OW Layson, near Stephen’s Store, recently sold 325 barrels of corn at $1.35 a barrel and also 100 barrels in May at $1.25 a barrel. He has 300 barrels left to sell. He has many pigs which he feeds for the market. He had 90 acres of corn last year and about 75 acres this year.

100 years ago 1922 Fulton Gazette

Mrs. John Sampson, of the Carrington district, is raising chickens on a large scale this year, having a flock of 900 small chicks. Three cases of chicks were received at the Fulton Post Office on Friday, with a shipment of 200 to Mrs RC Dunlap, a mile northwest of Fulton, one of 100 at Robert Dunlap, northeast of Fulton , and a case of Anconas at Mrs. James Leach, northwest of Fulton.

County courts in Callaway and Audrain counties decided on Tuesday to build two new bridges on the road that runs along the line between the two counties for most of the distance between Boone and Montgomery County. One of these bridges is to be a steel and concrete structure and will be located at the old Baxter Guthrie Farm northwest of Hatton, which was the scene of the Brown Farm Massacre during the Civil War. It will have a 24 foot span and will cost around $400. The other bridge will be located at William Galwith Farm, north of Bachelor, and will cost around $600. It will have a span of 26 feet and will be constructed of steel with a wooden floor. Farmers living nearby agreed to build the approaches to the bridge, but for the construction of the bridge, farmers in that part of the county would lose their free mail delivery.

75 years ago 1947 Missouri Telegraph

City Council last night voted to tax cigarettes and coin-operated machines, but councilors agreed to delay final action on a petrol tax pending further investigation. New taxes and fees passed by the council include: cigarettes, $0.02 per pack; coin-operated machines, $5 per year for all machines dispensing food and cigarettes, and $10 per year for all others, except slot machines, which will not be taxed. The cigarette tax was passed despite the opposition of many local traders. It provides that a two-cent stamp or markings printed from a meter machine must be affixed to every packet of cigarettes sold in the city. Dealers will receive a 10% discount on stamps to offset the cost of fixing stamps, and a slightly larger discount when meters are used for the cost of stamps will be saved. The tax will come into effect in four weeks, the price of cigarettes will increase by two cents a pack in Fulton. The price of popular brand cigarettes in Fulton now ranges between 14 and 18 cents per pack.

One hundred and eighty-eight children attended opening classes for the 18th annual Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church on Monday morning. With a Sunday enrollment of 203 children, additional youngsters are expected to join in class work during this week. Miss Martha Lutz is headmistress of the school, which is to be held daily for two weeks. Reverend CE Hanan leads morning devotions. There are departments for beginners, primary, junior and intermediate. A public program will take place before the school closes, but the date has not yet been announced.

50 years ago 1972 Fulton Daily Sun Gazette

In Thursday night’s Fulton Tennis Tournament doubles competition, four teams advanced to the second round. David Steinmeyer and Dr. RL Davidson defeated Joe Holt and Roger Krumm by scores of 6-0 and 6-1. John Strohl and Tom Strohl beat Tom Miltenberger and Don Stimble 6-4, 6-3. Jay Karr and Jim Hill beat Bill Jameson and Pat Jameson 6-4, 6-1. David Southern and Russ Jones beat Lance Randolph and John Randolph 6-4, 6-0. In two singles matches, Miltenberger defeated Lance Randolph 10-3. Steinmeyer beat Jones 10-1. There will be more tennis action this weekend as the tournament heads into the finals in the doubles and singles divisions. Lay will kick off at 5 p.m. Friday at Priest Field.

25 years ago 1997 Fulton Sun

Southside Baptist Church and Fulton First Baptist Church will host a basketball camp June 23-27 at the Hunter Activity Center at Westminster College. The camp will be for fourth graders and up. The cost of the camp is $25, with each camper receiving a t-shirt. Students can enroll in either church. The team that runs the camp is part of the Missouri Sports Crusaders. The camp leader will be Tim Scifires, a basketball and baseball coach from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Other team members include Amber Cox, a member of the William Woods University Owls basketball team and former North Callaway star; Rod McQuerter of Arkansas State; Kevin Powell of Turman State University and Laura Sheets of Southeast Missouri State.

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