Iowa Bracketology: Where Iowa stands in NCAA Tournament projections

It’s February, which means we’re about one month away from March. The race for conferences across the country will begin to heat up as teams look to fight their way into the NCAA Tournament.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are 14-7 overall and 4-6 in Big Ten games as of Feb. 1. The Hawkeyes are 1-5 in Quadrant I games this season while they are 3-2 in Quadrant II games. Iowa is looking to return to the NCAA Tournament after losing in the Round of 16 last year to Oregon.

A lot can change between now and draft Sunday, but based on multiple college basketball brackets, it looks like Iowa is in good shape to enter the NCAA Tournament. Once a week from now until the end of the season, we’ll be looking at where bracketologists tabulate the Hawkeyes in their NCAA tournament drafts.

Let’s go.

Iowa Projection: 7 seeds

Remarks: Bracket Matrix is ​​one of the unique sites because it collects countless brackets from different sites and takes the average seeding from all brackets. Currently, Iowa is listed at 7.97, which is the seventh-lowest seed. The Hawkeyes are the seventh-lowest seed behind Texas, USC and Indiana. The eighth seed just behind Iowa is St. Mary’s.

Iowa Projection: 12 seeds

Remarks: Palm has Iowa seeded 12 in the NCAA Tournament, meaning the Hawkeyes would play in a top-four showdown to kick off the NCAA Tournament. Palm pairs the Hawkeyes with Creighton in the top four, and the winner will face No. 5 Alabama in the South Region Round of 16. The other No. 12 seeds according to Palm are the Bluejays, St. Bonaventure/Wyoming, Stanford, and North Texas.

Iowa Projection: 7 seeds

Remarks: Iowa is a little safer in Lunardi’s domain than in Palm’s. The Hawkeyes are listed as the seventh seed in the West Region and would play No. 10 in the Round of 16. The winner of that game would face the winner of No. 2 UCLA/No. 15 Seattle, which Lunardi is both trending down in his NCAA tournament field. The Big 12, Big Ten, Big East and SEC are all tied with seven teams in Lunardi’s NCAA Tournament field.

Iowa Projection: 11 seeds

Remarks: Weber Sports had the fourth most accurate NCAA tournament bracket in 2021, according to Bracket Matrix, so we’ll apply those here. Weber Sports has Iowa as the No. 11 seed. The Hawkeyes would face No. 6 Texas in the Round of 16, then face the winner of No. 3 Duke/No. 14 Jacksonville in the Round of 16. Iowa is one of the last four exempted teams.

Iowa Projection: 9 seeds

Remarks: As of Jan. 31, Krueger has the Hawkeyes as the No. 9 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Iowa faces No. 8 Wake Forest in the Round of 16, then would face the winner of No. 1 Auburn/No. 16 UNC-Wilmington/Florida A&M in the Round of 16. The Big 12 have the most teams in Krueger’s group with eight while the Big Ten and Big East have seven.

Iowa Projection: 10 seeds

Remarks: Haslametry says its range is based on its own time-dependent formula and stats, and is “heavily based on current wins/losses, not overall strength or margins of victory. In this case, Iowa is the second-best No. 10 seed and would face the No. 7 TCU in the Round of 16. Haslametrics has Iowa as the No. 24 team in the nation, in terms of adjusted efficiency, and a big reason for that is that Iowa’s offense is ranked No. 9 in the nation.

Iowa Projection: 8 seeds

Remarks: Bart Torvik is known for his advanced analysis and numbers, but was also one of the top trackers for NCAA Tournament predictions. Bart Torvik has Iowa as the No. 8 seed and the Hawkeyes would face 9-seeded Arkansas in the Round of 16. The Big Ten has the most teams in Torvik’s NCAA Tournament field with eight.

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