Iowa Capitol Digest for Wednesday December 15th | New policies

An overview of legislative and Capitol news for Wednesday, December 15, 2021:

JUSTICE FOR MINORS: Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Susan Christensen is forming a task force to conduct a “holistic” review of the continuum of care in the state’s juvenile justice system.

The system is decentralized, with services, funding, and data collection split between the Iowa Judiciary, the Iowa Department of Human Services, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Iowa Department of Public Health. Iowa Human Rights.

Stakeholders have launched programs to improve the system. While well-intentioned, these measures often have system-wide repercussions, Christensen said.

Christensen will chair the working group with Chad Jensen, director of juvenile justice services.

Members of the task force are due to begin work on January 26, with a final report expected in November for consideration in the 2023 legislative session.

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Members of the task force will include service providers, law enforcement, lawmakers, county prosecutors, public defenders, lawyers, young people and their families, law schools and the four state departments involved in the system.

DEER HUNTING ON TRACK: Iowa hunters reported harvesting around 75,000 deer before the last weekend of Iowa’s hunting deer season, a number similar to the 2020 deer harvest at the same time.

“With one more weekend for the second shotgun season, we should end up with a deer harvest of around 100,000 again this year,” said Tyler Harms, wildlife biologist at the Department of Natural Resources. from Iowa. “This is exactly where we have been for about six years and where we want to be in terms of our population goals.”

Hunters have proposed about 4,300 deer tissue samples to be tested for chronic wasting disease. One deer has been confirmed positive for the disease, and six are awaiting further testing to determine positivity.

The Iowa DNR is looking for tissue samples from certain areas and encourages hunters willing to provide a sample to contact their local wildlife biologist and let them know where the deer was harvested.

Forms for submitting a sample are available at

Woodless tags are currently available in 25 counties, with a handful of counties likely to sell out soon.

The list of available woodless licenses and in which county is online at the same website listed above. Antlerless labels allow hunters to provide high-quality lean protein to fellow Iowa residents through the Iowa Deer Exchange.

To sign up for the Iowa Deer Exchange to donate deer or receive deer, go to, then scroll to the Iowa Deer Exchange Program link and complete the required fields.

NATIONAL GUARD VACCINATION: Governor Kim Reynolds and four other GOP governors call on the Department of Defense to withdraw its mandate guidelines on vaccines for members of the National Guard who have Title 32 service status, i.e. mobilized or activated by their governor for active service under state control.

The United States Supreme Court has asserted for decades that the National Guard was under the command and control of the governor of each state until those members were called up to active duty status under Title 10, which may include deployment overseas.

Reynolds calls on the federal government to obey the law, allowing it to retain its authority over members of the Iowa National Guard and allow them personal choice without penalizing their status with the National Guard.

Reynolds called the Pentagon’s demand that members of the National Guard receive the overwhelming COVID-19 vaccine “in the lives of Americans and especially those who serve our country and protect our very freedoms.”

She was joined by the governors. Mark Gordon from Wyoming, Mike Dunleavy from Alaska, Tate Reeves from Mississippi and Pete Ricketts from Nebraska.

As of Wednesday, 92% of the nearly 2,000 members of the Iowa Air National Guard are vaccinated and 80% of the approximately 7,000 members of the Iowa Army Guard are vaccinated. Members of the Air Guard had until December 2 to be vaccinated and members of the Army Guard have until June 30.

HISTORY AWARD: The State Historical Society of Iowa accepts nominations for its Excellence in History Awards, which honor individuals, organizations, and communities who have made outstanding contributions to Iowa history in 2021.

The awards recognize outstanding publications, local history initiatives, and major achievements in Iowa history.

Nominations for the Benjamin F. Shambaugh Prize for Books are due Jan. 2, while all other nominations are due Feb. 1. More details can be found at

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