Iowa Hawkeyes is now part of the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 alliance

There is now a super alliance in college football. On Tuesday, the Big Ten, ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) and Pac-12 announced they had formed an alliance of 41 institutions for a new approach to the evolution of varsity athletics and programming. Because the Iowa Hawkeyes are part of the Big Ten, they will be joining this new alliance and we might see clashes featuring the Hawkeyes that we’ve never seen before.

In a press release on Tuesday, officials from the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 made an announcement that turned varsity athletics and its future upside down. These three Power 5 conferences have created an alliance that will bring together 41 world-class institutions around a collaborative approach surrounding the future evolution of varsity athletics and programming.

The alliance will be guided in all cases by a commitment and prioritization of support for the well-being of student-athletes, academic and sporting opportunities, diverse educational experiences and programs.

All three conferences are based on their support for large-scale athletic programs, the college model, and opportunities for student-athletes as part of the institutions’ educational missions.

The alliance of the Big Ten, the Pac-12 and the ACC was unanimously supported by the presidents, chancellors and sports directors of the 41 institutions.

The Iowa Hawkeyes being part of the Big Ten conference means they will be one of 41 institutions to join this alliance. It also means that we might see new clashes in basketball, football and other sports that we have never seen before.

The three conferences will continue to be competitors, but are committed to collaborating and providing leadership on various opportunities and challenges facing varsity athletics, including:

  • Mental and physical health, safety, well-being and support of student-athletes
  • Strong academic experience and support
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Social justice
  • Gender equality
  • Future structure of the NCAA
  • Federal legislative efforts
  • Post-season championships and future formats

In the press release, officials say the alliance includes a planning component for women’s and men’s football and basketball designed to create new inter-conference games, improve opportunities for student-athletes, and optimize performance. varsity athletics experience for student-athletes and fans. Across the country.

The programming alliance will begin as soon as possible while honoring outstanding contractual obligations.

A working group made up of sports directors representing the three conferences will oversee the programming component of the alliance, including determining the criteria on which programming decisions will be made. All three leagues understand that programming decisions will be a process given the institutions’ current programming commitments.

The football programming alliance will feature additional engaging clashes across all three conferences while continuing to honor historic rivalries and the best traditions of college football.

In women’s and men’s basketball, all three conferences will add early and mid-season games as well as annual events that feature top-notch clashes between the three leagues.

ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences include:

  • Leading academic institutions committed to shared values ​​of supporting the next generation of leaders.
  • Innovative research that benefits communities around the world.
  • 27 of the 34 Autonomy 5 members of the Association of American Universities (AAU).
  • 34 institutions ranked in the Top 100 national universities by American News and World Report.
  • Large-scale sports and academic programs.
  • A long legacy of leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Over 27,000 student-athletes compete in 863 teams in 31 sports.
  • A total of 1,019 NCAA Championships.
  • Long-standing relationships through bowl partnerships, men’s and women’s basketball challenges and Olympic sporting events.
  • 194 Olympic medals won in Tokyo by current, former and future student-athletes.
  • Some of the most iconic and historic venues in college sport.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in annual direct institutional support for student-athlete scholarships.
  • Over $ 15 billion in annual federal support for research, nearly a third of the total at all colleges and universities.

Below are quotes from the chairmen of the CEOs of ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12:

Duke University President and Chairman of the CCA Board of Directors Vincent E. Price

“The alliance is first and foremost a statement on the vital link between academic excellence and varsity athletics. Our members include 41 of the best public and private universities in the world that will soon have new ways of competing at the highest level in sport and collaborating in education, research and service to society. Together, we can use our strong voice and united vision to create the best possible experience for our student-athletes and our institutions. “

Dr. Rebecca Blank, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and President of the Council of Presidents / Chancellors (COP / C) of the Big Ten Conference:

“The Big Ten conference has always prioritized academic excellence as well as athletic excellence for student-athletes. Today’s announcement reinforces the values ​​of integrity, fairness and competitiveness among all members of this alliance and provides additional opportunities for our student-athletes to enhance their college experience.

President of the University of Oregon and Chairman of the Pac-12 Board of Trustees Michael Schill

“The Pac-12 is thrilled to join with so many world-class universities in a collaborative effort to support our student-athletes through an unwavering commitment to excellence in study and athletics. , we can help shape a future for college athletics where broad-based athletic programs based on educational opportunities enable us to support the next generation of leaders. ”

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