Is Iowa one of the most dangerous states for young drivers?

Every parent wants to keep their children safe. There are always new studies coming out that are often, in all honesty, designed to scare us. Studies on the foods that cause cancer or the items we all interact with are bad for you. But this study, if you have children of driving age, might be a study you might want to take a closer look at.

Iowa is not a good state for teenage drivers

A new study from WalletHub Iowa is one of the most dangerous states for young drivers. Not a statistic to be proud of, unfortunately, but one that we can do our best to change over time. For this study, WalletHub analyzed three key metrics: Security, Economic environment, and also Driving laws.

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They pulled the data for 2018 and used data factored into the percentage of the state’s population aged 15 to 19. After calculating the numbers, Iowa finished 30 out of 50. So even though Iowa was not in the top 10 most dangerous, it was still in the top 20 most dangerous.

He found that the 5 most dangerous states are:

1. Missouri
2. Montana
3. South Dakota
4. Idaho
5. Wyoming

In Iowa, we got close to the bottom for Provision of Graduated Driver’s License Program (GDL) laws for teenage drivers, that is, programs that allow young drivers to gain safe driving experience before gaining full driving privileges. In Iowa, you can apply for an instructional license at the age of 14.

This can lead to issues (no pun intended) with young drivers, including crashes and citations. Iowa ranked high in the lowest cost of auto repair. This means that even a teenager with a lower salary shouldn’t need to ask their parents for help with the cost of repairing their car.

You can read the full report here. Drive carefully!

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