Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Missouri Tigers Border Showdown


After a long hiatus, the border war resumes today in Lawrence, KS. The Missouri Tigers have struggled this season, but will a (allegedly) heated rivalry game against the Kansas Jayhawks be enough to get them started? Or will the good guys prevail in fashion?

Take a look at what our staff are thinking (no GIFs today!), Then leave your own prediction in the comments below!

Mike.Plank: Why are we playing this game again? I understand that (most) fans are excited about this, but will gamers care more about this game than, say, Tulsa or Tarleton State or fill in the blank? It’s just another game for them, isn’t it? Although they can understand that this is not the case in the pre-game, as the FIeldhouse tilts on the path of denunciation. Anyway, I don’t need more toxicity in my life right now; the world has had enough of it. And it’s all between two fan bases that absolutely despise each other. I don’t want to deal with a Missouri fan anymore. We’d be much better off letting them wallow in uselessness over the past 10 years (as they begged KU to play them over and over again) than we will be acknowledging their schedule with this ridiculous 6-game series. . If you object to playing Wichita State regularly, it’s the same argument against playing this game. It does nothing for our program while raising theirs. It was an embarrassing surrender from KU Athletics; As far as I’m concerned, the KU made the Cold War borderline and I’m absolutely not interested in that. Missouri 1, Kansas 0.

dnoll5: I’m with Mike on this one, I don’t care about UTEP. I mean, you could throw Andy, Mike, Fizzle, David and I as opponents and you would have 16,300 people buying tickets, so from a KU perspective, there’s really no point in it. play them. Having said that, I hope Bill Self bumps into these clowns at UMKC. Kansas 95, Missouruh 60.

Kyle_Davis21: Damn, Fetch and I didn’t do the RCT starting five against KU. Hopefully we come off the bench strong, just like Sheron did in first year. Probably not worth the trouble of deepening Missouri on offense or taking care of the ball (that’s bad). Instead, two nostalgic points:

  1. I’d forgotten that Raef’s epic left-handed dunk came against Missouri. Watching this piece never gets old.
  2. I was lucky to be in the 2012 game. And I was lucky to be in other greats (WVU comeback, Selden vs. Kentucky in overtime, McLemore Bank vs. Iowa State Hawkeyes) but this match was an overload of the senses. I called my dad after and I barely had a voice and mostly heard ringing in my ears

Kansas is expected to win by a ton. Kansas 91, Missouri 68

Fizzle406: A guy I work with asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told him I was going to take the kids tobogganing and maybe a few other things. The mizzou game didn’t even cross my mind until later today. The thing is, I don’t care about this game anymore. They are bad. We will beat them, and badly. But the old enthusiasm I had for the game is gone. Kansas 87, Missouri 65

Andy Mitts: I don’t care how hard they push the “official” name, it will ALWAYS be border wars for me. I understand why there is excitement among those in the fanbase who simply don’t know better or yearn for the glory days of the past in rivalry. There’s a reason the first room you think of when you hear Thomas Robinson’s name is this block. But those days are over, and there is absolutely no guarantee that we can even get close to them again.

I keep hearing that Bill Self “came back” to this game, but I don’t buy it. Of course, he’s going to say it’s the biggest game on the program. Its players are excited about it, you don’t want to give them a reason to slack off, and you certainly don’t want to give bulletin board material to anyone (although it wouldn’t matter). But when we’re done with this 6-game streak, it’s going to take a very long time for me to come back to it and say that it was both a good thing and something that we should continue.

As for the game, Kansas is rolling. The only player worth mentioning is Kobe Brown, but David McCormack is doing well and Kansas should be able to give him a lot of help if needed. If you’re going to play them, you might as well demolish them. Kansas 97, Misery 58.


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