Maple Lawn Nursing Home wants property tax hike for extra funding

PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – A retirement home in Palmyra, Mo., is seeking more public funding.

The Maple Lawn Nursing Home wants property taxes raised to increase employee wages, provide more activities for residents and make renovations.

Alice Humphrey has worked at Maple Lawn Nursing Home for 25 years.

She said to help their residents feel at home, the property tax rate for the Marion County Nursing Home District needs to be raised from 13 cents to 35 cents.

This money will be used to increase employee salaries, renovate the parking lot, install new alarm systems and expand the facility. It will also allow residents to do more outdoor activities.

“Going out and about, outdoor stuff,” Humphrey said. “We’ve been to ball games before, just going to restaurants.”

Maple Lawn has both private residents and Medicaid residents.

Accounting director Lynn Blickhan said Maple Lawn is paying for additional expenses for 35 Medicaid residents, such as medical supplies and transportation. Raising the property tax would help cover these costs. If it doesn’t pass in the Aug. 2 primary, Blickhan said they’ll try again next year.

“Well, we’ve pinched a dime where we can, budgeted things, looked to see where we can cut different avenues, but we’re hoping to try again, I guess, but that’s setting it back a year.” says Blickhan.

Maple Lawn resident Virginia Buckman thinks raising property taxes is a great idea to improve the quality of life for her and her friends.

“I think it’s a very wise idea to do this because they need the money so we can see different things,” Buckman said.

Only residents of Marion County can vote for this question on August 2.

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