Marshall School Board reviews and approves tax rate

Compiled by Danielle Linton-Hatfield/Personal editor

Prior to the regular meeting of the Marshall Public Schools Board of Education on Tuesday evening, August 23, board members held a public hearing on the tax rate. Chairman of the Board, Bryon Jacques, has reviewed the following information.

“The tax rate has been 2.83 – which we’ve been working with 2.8316… The government is telling us through the State of Missouri what we can increase,” a- he declared.

Jacques explained that the highest rate the district could increase this year would be $2.8335. He said it would generate a bit of extra revenue.

“This amount of tax change is (a) very tiny amount,” he said.

For the tax rate hearing, Jacques opened the floor for council to discuss before allowing comments from the general public. He asked if any other board member had any comments regarding the 0.0019 increase.

“I mean, 0.0019 is still a raise,” said board member Ellen Lance. “It would still benefit us and … we have a lot of things that we need. Our employees need things like—I don’t know if we can get $1. I’m not sure it’s worth saying it’s not worth it, in my opinion.

Jacques noted that the calculations amounted to approximately $200,000.

“I think that’s a significant number,” Lance said.

Jacques accepted.

Board member Jack Lenz said they will also see an increase in personal property taxes.

“These revised amounts will reflect and there will be a slight difference there,” Superintendent Caleb Petet said. “So if you look at .0835, that would be compared to .8316 from last year. That’s a…difference because that’s adjusted with the levies approved with the ratings assessed this year – because it wasn’t not a year of reassessment…there could have been another penny on the table.

During the discussion, Petet explained to the board that it was $2.83 last year. This year it’s still $2.83, but the district is going into the decimals.

“We’ve invested some in Investment Projects Fund 4, as I often mention – I say Investment Projects, but I say Fund 4 – that’s because – and I don’t have an exact amount to tell you – you only get matched federal dollars in Fund 4 for what you put into it from the federal level – and that comes from pipelines and railroads,” he said.

Board member Harry Carrell asked if this pipeline money would disappear in the near future.

“I’m not sure, I’d have to look into that and find out,” Petet said.

Once the council finished giving their comments, Jacques opened the floor to comments from the public. No public comment has been made.

Meyer then moved a motion to approve the tax rate at $2.8335 by the Second Amendment – ​​specifically from Article 10, Section 11(b) of the Missouri Constitution. The motion was seconded by Board Vice-Chairman Matt Smith. The board unanimously approved the tax rate.

According to the unofficial minutes of the August 23 meeting, the tax rate includes the following: Incidental fees — $2.75; Teacher — zero; Debt service — zero; and capital projects — $0.0835.

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