Mason City, Iowa, and the Cape Girardeau, Missouri Planning Commission received funding to reduce diesel emissions in municipal fleets


LENEXA, KAN. (NOV 22, 2021) – The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Nov. 18 that Mason City, Iowa, and the Southeast Missouri Rural Planning Commission (SEMO RPC) in Cape Girardeau , Missouri, will receive thousands of dollars in grant funding through the 2021 National Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grant program to replace older, dirtier municipal diesel-powered vehicles with new, cleaner vehicles and efficient.

Mason City received $ 117,206 to replace two heavy-duty vehicles with 100% biofuel powered vehicles under the B100 program. SEMO RPC received $ 28,750 to replace an on-road dump truck with a new, cleaner truck.

The grants were part of more than $ 77 million awarded to projects that reduce diesel emissions from the country’s existing fleet of older, dirtier engines and vehicles. $ 53 million was awarded under the DERA 2021 National Grants Program, and an additional $ 24 million was awarded to states under the DERA State Grants Program. The DERA program funds grants and rebates that protect human health and improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines.

“Cleaner trucks, buses, boats and heavy equipment keep local economies thriving, while better protecting the health of people living and working near ports, schools and along delivery routes,” said EPA administrator Michael S. Regan. “Combined with the $ 5 billion bipartisan bill to provide infrastructure for electric and alternative fuel school buses over the months and years to come, the EPA is leading an unprecedented investment in cleaner air for communities across the country. across the country. “

“Municipalities use many different types of diesel-powered vehicles to do their jobs,” said Edward H. Chu, EPA Region 7 Acting Administrator. “Covering all types of vehicles in reducing diesel emissions brings us one step closer to air quality in our local cities and counties. “

EPA has awarded 55 national DERA grants covering a wide range of projects to reduce diesel emissions, including modernization of school buses, port facilities and construction equipment. Nineteen of these awards will support the replacement of older diesel equipment with zero-emission technologies, such as transport refrigeration units, terminal tractors, dump trucks, garbage trucks, a locomotive and a ship-to-shore port gantry crane. The 55 projects will reduce diesel pollution and benefit local communities, many of whom face environmental justice issues.

When selecting projects for the awards, priority was given to projects that:

  • Are in areas designated as having poor air quality
  • Reduce emissions from ports and other freight movement facilities
  • Benefit local communities
  • Integrate local communities into project planning
  • Demonstrate an ability to continue efforts to reduce emissions after the end of the project

The EPA has also awarded $ 24 million under its DERA 2021 state grant program to 49 states and three territories to implement their own local diesel emission reduction programs. This program allows states to target funds to diesel emission reduction projects that best match local priorities. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources received $ 514,373 to manage its state program and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources received $ 524,064 to manage a diesel emissions reduction program in the state.

In addition to DERA, following the passage of the history Bipartite Infrastructure Law (BIL), the EPA will make significant investments in the health, equity and resilience of American communities. The EPA will offer a total of $ 5 billion between fiscal years 2022 and 2026 to fund the replacement of the dirtiest school buses with low-carbon or zero-carbon school buses. Each year, $ 500 million will be available exclusively for electric school buses and $ 500 million will be available for electric buses and several types of cleaner alternative fuel school buses. In line with the President’s Commitment to Justice40, EPA works actively to ensure that DERA funding, including BIL funding, maximizes benefits for underserved communities.

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