Meadville School District Asks Voters to Say ‘Yes’ to Bond Issuance with No Tax Increase – Chillicothe News Constitution-Tribune

The Meadville R-IV School District is asking customers to adopt a tax-free bond issue, which will allow the district to make improvements without raising school taxes for district ratepayers. Language voters will find on their April 5 ballot: “Will the School Board of Meadville School District R-IV, Missouri, without an estimated current property tax increase on debt service, borrow money? money in the amount of one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) to provide funds for district-wide roof replacements; remove asbestos; installing new flooring in four classrooms and the library; modernize the electrical infrastructure; install a new telephone/messaging system; to complete classroom upgrades; purchase new computers for teachers; to complete parking improvements; to the extent that funds are available, make other repairs and improvements to existing facilities in the district; and issue bonds of general obligation for the payment thereof? If this proposal is approved, the school district’s adjusted debt service levy is expected to remain unchanged at $1.0500 per hundred dollars of real and personal property assessment. Meadville R-IV School Superintendent Misty Adamek said, “The April 5 tax-free bond issue will not increase customers’ current school taxes.

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