Millions of Americans could line up for $1,000 checks, gas tax relief being proposed

MORE than 2 million people could be waiting for $1,000 direct payments if Gov. Tim Walz gets his way.

Minnesota’s executive branch has stepped up efforts to use some of the state’s budget surplus to cut taxpayer checks.


Minnesotans could receive $1,000, or $2,000 for couples who filed taxes jointly

In January, Walz offered direct payments of $500 to most Minnesota taxpayers to help fight high inflation.

Inflation jumped to 8.6% from 7.5% in January.

Although the policy did not gain popularity in the spring, Walz announced a larger stimulus package this week and continued to push for payments.

Governor Walz’s plan would send $1,000 to Minnesotans who earned less than $165,000 last year.

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Couples who filed their taxes jointly and reported less than $275,000 in income would receive $2,000.

The state ran a budget surplus of about $7 billion in 2021, and Walz’s plan would spend $4 billion in direct refunds to taxpayers.

In addition to direct payments, Governor Walz has also pushed for relief for Minnesotans at the pumps.

He called on the state legislature to temporarily suspend Minnesota’s gasoline tax, which is 28.6 cents per gallon.

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in Minnesota is $4.71 as of June 25, according to AAA.

According to MinnPost, a typical SUV driver with a 14-gallon tank would save about $4 per fill-up if the state enacted a gasoline tax exemption.

Walz told reporters that the tax relief would have minimal impact compared to direct payments of $1,000, Fox 9-KMSP reported.

An estimated 2.7 million Minnesotans would receive the rebate if passed.

However, the current plan still lacks the bipartisan support from state lawmakers it would need to pass.

Minnesota Republicans called the proposal a “political rigging,” with Governor Walz up for re-election this year, according to Bring Me The News.

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