Missouri City Has 2nd Most Job Opportunities In America

If you are looking for a new job, or if you are just trying to see what the job opportunities are, then you must look to one of the most important cities in Missouri.

Wallethub.com has released a list of the best cities for the job of 2022 and St. Louis, Missouri is very high on the list. The aim of the list is to give those looking for opportunities different options on which cities start the new year with many openings, St. Louis globally ranks the 28th best city for employment in 2022 in the list main BUT the main reason St. Louis is ranked so high on the list that it ranks 2nd on the WalletHub list for employment opportunities behind Columbia, South Carolina, and just ahead of Orlando, Florida, and Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, the list indicates that Saint-Louis has the 13th best labor market in the country, but it ranks very low (119th) on the list in socio-economics, which is based on statistics such as income level, transportation costs, security, family-friendliness, and more. To see the full list for yourself Click here!

The list ranks other cities in Missouri such as Kansas City in 85th place and Springfield in 109th place. There are representatives from Illinois and Iowa on the list, Des Moines comes in 20th when you consider cities in our tri-state area, Cedar Rapids takes 44th, Aurora, IL comes in 114th place (the high score for Illinois) and Chicago is on the list in 149th place.

Personally, after looking at all of these stats, it’s pretty clear to me that if you live in the Quincy / Hannibal area and want to start 2022 with a move and a new job St. Louis, and Des Moines are the places to look. . I’ve spent quite a bit of time in both cities and they both have tough neighborhoods (which cities don’t?), But both seem to have growth and a lot of good opportunity.

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