Missouri News Headlines Tuesday December 21, 2021 | State


(Jefferson City, MO) – A state constitutional deadline is pressing on members of the Missouri Legislature redistribution panels. The two groups met on Monday without voting on the new political constituency boundaries that would be used in the 2022 elections. The two will meet again on Thursday. If they cannot agree on these limits, the work will be done by the judges. Thursday is the deadline for panels to submit a draft plan for proposed districts to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

(Jefferson City, MO) – Fourteen months after its legalization, sales of medical marijuana in Missouri have exceeded $ 200 million. The Missouri Department of Health and Seniors’ Services reports that the program has more than 150,000 patients and has involved more than three thousand caregivers. There are around 300 facilities operating as growers, manufacturers, dispensaries, testing laboratories, transporters and sellers of seeds to suppliers. Missouri is one of 21 states with legislation governing the sale of medical marijuana.

(Washington, DC) – Congresswoman Cori Bush is speaking out against US Senator Joe Manchin’s indication that he will not support the Build Back Better Act. This effectively dooms President Biden’s landmark spending bill. Bush, a Democrat from Missouri, says West Virginia Senator Manchin, is blocking vital resources and, “St. Louis deserves the entire President’s agenda signed into law and nothing less.” All of the GOP members of the Missouri congressional delegation are against the plan.

(Jefferson City, MO) – The tape is now officially cut for the new Bicentennial Bridge pedestrian bridge in Jefferson City. Governor Mike Parson was part of a Monday ceremony that opened the 830-foot bridge that connects the Capitol area and extends to Adrian’s Island on the Missouri River. Ameren Missouri says the project was a detailed undertaking, including changes to electrical infrastructure like utility poles and lines right next to the Union Pacific Railroad. In total, Ameren says his work alone is worth around 650,000 of the nearly five million dollar project.

(Undated) – US gas prices have fallen six cents in the past two weeks – to a national average of three dollars, 41 cents per gallon. Despite the drop, gasoline prices are still a dollar higher than they were in December of last year. Triple-A Missouri reports that the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in that state is two dollars, 96 cents per gallon. That means Missouri drivers pay the nation’s fourth-lowest average gas price. Nationwide prices range from 4 to 77 in the San Francisco Bay Area to 2 to 83 per gallon in Houston, Texas. Industry watchers say prices have been dropping for a month but remain high.


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