Missouri S&T Welcomes New Faculty


The Missouri University of Science and Technology welcomed 12 new faculty members to campus as classes resumed for the fall semester. Their areas of expertise include insecticide risk to monarch butterflies, high-performance machine learning, and smart and intelligent detection systems.

The new faculties this year are:

– Dr Yezad Anklesaria, teaching assistant professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering. He got a doctorate. in Aerospace Engineering from Missouri S&T IN 2020 and served in S&T as a graduate research assistant in Aerospace Engineering before joining the S&T faculty. He also holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the field of S&T. Anklesaria’s research interests include piezoelectric actuators and sensors, piezoelectric ceramics, mechanical vibration, and vibration testing.

Dr David Bayless

– Dr. David Bayless, who joined Missouri S&T in January 2021 as president of mechanical and aerospace engineering. He came to S&T from Ohio University, where he was Gerald Loehr Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Ohio Coal Research Center, Director of the Robe Leadership Institute, and Graduate Chair in Mechanical Engineering. He got a doctorate. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from S&T. His research focuses on the intersection of energy, water and waste.

Dr Karen Head

– Dr. Karen Head, Professor of English and Technical Communication, who comes to Rolla from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she was Executive Director of the Communication Center and Associate Professor and Associate President of the School of Literature, Media and Communication . She holds a doctorate. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an MA from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, a BA from Oglethorpe University, and an Associate’s degree from DeKalb College, all in English. An accomplished poet, she is editor-in-chief of the international poetry journal “Atlanta Review” and poet laureate of Waffle House, which refers to an outreach program that educates rural Georgia high schools about the arts with support from Waffle House Foundation. She is also S&T Director of Arts and Innovation and will strive to improve arts education and programming and promote collaborations between artists, scientists and technologists.

– Dr Niranjana Krishnan, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Research. Krishnan obtained a doctorate. in toxicology from Iowa State University, a master’s degree in biomedical genetics from the Vellore Institute of Technology in India and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and biotechnology from the University of Mumbai in India. She came to Missouri S&T from Iowa State, where she studied the risks of insecticides to monarch butterflies. His research is helping the US Fish and Wildlife Service determine whether to list the monarch as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

– Dr Liujin Li, associate research professor in civil, architectural and environmental engineering. Li obtained a doctorate. in Mechatronics Engineering and a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering, both from Central South University in China. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural mechanization from Hunan Agricultural University in China. Prior to joining the S&T faculty, Li was Director of Engineering at Hitron Technologies Inc. and Principal Investigator on a Department of Defense field robotics project. His research includes high resolution studies of the spectroscopic detection and characterization of free radicals and molecules in excited electronic states. The research will lead to a detailed understanding of molecular structures and dynamics and the nature of chemical bonds.

– Dr. Xin Liang, assistant professor of computer science, who was a research intern in the Extreme Scale Resilience group at Argonne National Laboratory before joining Missouri S&T. He got a doctorate. in computer science from the University of California, Riverside, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Peking University in China. His research interests include high performance computing; parallel, distributed and heterogeneous systems; and high performance machine learning algorithms and applications.

Dr Phillip Mulligan

– Dr Phillip Mulligan, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who transferred from the Department of Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering at S&T, where he was a Research Assistant Professor. Mulligan earned a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, as well as a master’s and doctorate. explosives engineering degrees from Missouri S&T. His research focuses on explosives engineering, force protection, virtual reality and weapon design.

– Dr Ernesto Quintas Sanchez, assistant research professor in chemistry, who served Missouri S&T as a postdoctoral researcher before joining the faculty. His research interests include photodissociation processes on van der Waals complexes, molecular dynamics simulations, molecular recombination on gas-surface interfaces, quasi-classical methodology and automated construction of potential energy surfaces.

– Dr Ran Sui, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, who joined Missouri S&T from Princeton University, where he was a postdoctoral researcher. He got a doctorate. in Mechanical and Process Engineering from ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, Masters of Computer Science from Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts from Jiao Tong University in Shanghai in China. His most recent research has focused on catalytic microreactors for the production of electricity and the heterogeneous and homogeneous combustion of hydrogen or air on platinum.

Tripathy of Dr Ardhendu

– Dr. Ardhendu Tripathy, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, came to S&T from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was a postdoctoral research associate. He got a doctorate. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His research interests are in the areas of information and coding theory, machine learning and signal processing.

Dr Dawei Wang

– Dr Dawei Wang, Assistant Professor of Business and Information Technology. Wang holds a doctorate. in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Delaware, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Automation from the Beijing Institute of Technology. Prior to joining the Missouri School of Science and Technology, he was an assistant professor of information systems management at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the diffusion of IT innovation, business analysis, blockchain and information security.

– Dr Chen Zhu, Assistant Research Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Zhu was a graduate research assistant at Missouri S&T while working on his doctorate. in electrical engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in optical engineering and an engineering degree in optoelectronic information engineering, both from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. His research focuses on microwave coaxial cable sensors, fiber optic sensors, intelligent detection systems and intelligent detection systems.

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