Missouri to try sports betting again in 2022


Missouri State Senator Denny Hoskins has hit a roadblock in his drive to bring sports betting apps to Show-Me State in 2021, so he’s trying again in 2022.

The Warrensburg Republican and the co-chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee said Missourinet that he plans to pre-table a Missouri sports betting bill in December for consideration in 2022. The now dishonest slot and video poker regulation and the legalization of e-sports would be part of the proposed package, he said. he declared.

Hoskins announced his plans on Missourinet on the return of a bipartite National Council of Gaming States Legislators meeting in Chicago in July.

“Missouri has done a lot in the gaming industry; However, we are still behind many of our surrounding states, ”he said. “I would really like sports betting to be adopted. I would like to see some VLTs (video lottery terminals) regulated in the state of Missouri, as well as some of these emerging types of games such as esports. Hopefully we can get something passed in the next legislative session. ”

Last-minute referendum amendment at the 2021 Missouri General Assembly regular session thwarted Hoskins attempt to legalize sports betting and tax some 20,000 now unregulated video lottery games this year.

Any chance to pass a bill this year was lost in the recent session adjourned May 14.

Hoskins: Missouri must keep gambling revenue in state

Currently, Missourians regularly cross the border to Iowa or Illinois to legally bet on sports. Hoskins said it’s money coming out of state that could be used for education and other programs in the home.

He said legalizing sports betting and unregulated VLTs in Missouri could mean an additional $ 270 million in state revenue for education and veterans programs.

“(How much) depends on the number of video lottery terminals licensed in the state and the tax rate for sports betting as well as VLTs,” Hoskins said. “I have seen estimates and projections that would represent between $ 200 million and $ 250 million in additional new revenue for education from video lottery terminals in the state, and around $ 20 million if sports betting were to be legalized. ”

And, while regulated VLTs mean more money, Hoskins said legal sports betting does have its benefits. Missouri is home to a large sports fan base thanks to its professional and varsity league teams.

“I have a lot of friends who really want to see sports betting adopted in this state of Missouri, and I hope we can do that in the next session,” he said.

Esports: Part of Any Missouri Sports Betting Bill

Adding esports to his next sports betting proposition is a no-brainer, Hoskins said. It’s his answer to the colossal growth of video game tournaments at the college level and beyond.

The competition is both national and global, with some states building esports stadiums for tournaments.

“A lot of universities have esports teams, and these are players who get scholarships to go to college and compete… in the United States and around the world for esports titles,” he said. he declares.

Another betting option in Missouri is horse racing pari-mutuel, which has been on the back burner since voters allowed it through a constitutional amendment. in 1984. Attempts to launch pari-mutuels horse betting in the state have been blocked since a year-round simulcast bill blocked in 2002.

While Hoskins supports pari-mutuel horse racing, he believes esports betting has more momentum right now.

“I would love to see horse racing in the state of Missouri…” he said, later adding, “I could see other things like esports come to the state before the races of. horses.”

What’s next for Missouri sports betting?

Missouri legal sports betting received a nod state regulators at Wednesday’s meeting of the Hoskins Senate Economic Development Committee. The Missouri Lottery has said it wants to regulate sports betting in the state, if it were to be legalized.

It is according to a story in yesterday’s The central square, who quoted Missouri Lottery Executive Director May Reardon as saying that the lottery “should administer all” new products “authorized by lawmakers, noting that 70% of global online sports betting is made by lotteries.”

Legal gambling available in Missouri today includes the state lottery, charity gambling, riverboat casino gambling, and fantasy sports (legalized in 2016). The state is 13 vscommercial casinos pprovide approximately $ 1 billion in tax revenue per year.

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