New curbside cocktail law boosts demand for additional liquor agents in Missouri | Politics



The effort to make the law permanent was pushed by the National Restaurant Association after the closure of more than 110,000 restaurants in the United States due to the pandemic.

State liquor regulators have also seen a sharp decline in their work over the past year.

According to budget documents, the ratio of alcohol-related offenses to investigations declined in the year ending June 30 due to restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. There were 664 offenses or arrest reports in fiscal year 2020, up from 172 in 2021.

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“Many licensed sites have been closed for long periods to protect the public from COVID-19. In addition, ATC has placed restrictions on our agents to limit their exposure to COVID-19, ”the request states.

In total, the Alcohol and Tobacco Control Division licenses 31,000 establishments each year, raising more than $ 53 million in revenue per year.

If approved, the expenditure of $ 519,000 will help reduce the current agent-to-licensee ratio to 1 in 855, from 1 in 1,100 establishments.

“We are asking for a minimum of four agents (one per district office), to make our agent / license holder ratio more manageable and to better equip the division to enforce this new section and ensure it is executed properly”, indicates the request. .


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