Opponents of vaccination mandate rally at Wyoming Capitol

A crowd of around 200 to 300 people opposed to the Biden vaccine mandate gathered at the Wyoming Capitol in Cheyenne on Tuesday morning, ahead of a special session of the Wyoming legislature on the issue.

At least two buses of people from other parts of Wyoming were in attendance for the event.

The legislature is due to meet until Thursday, to consider various bills aimed at preventing the requirement that employees of Wyoming companies be vaccinated against COVID-19.

President Biden announced his mandate requiring frontline medical workers, employees of companies with more than 100 employees, and federal employees in September. However, the mandate has not yet been implemented.

The crowd was addressed by Laramie County Sheriff Candidate James Barth, who led the crowd in prayer shortly after 9 a.m. After remembering the importance of decorum and that signs are not allowed inside the Capitol during a legislative session, members of the crowd entered inside to observe legislative procedures.

Among those present at the rally was Congressional Republican Harriet Hageman.

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