“President Biden has been weak, we can all admit that,” Sen. Joni Ernst said during a visit to Bomgaars HQ in Sioux City | Multimedia

“President Biden has been weak, we can all admit that,” Ernst said. “He must present his strength to a very powerful leader who is not afraid to take innocent lives.” As for the country and Ukrainian citizens, Ernst said she was “heartbroken” by what she saw, but did not say the United States should send troops to the Eastern European country. .

In National News, Ernst said she hopes President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson will visit. “I will ask her what kind of judge she has been and what leadership will she show?” said the two-term senator.

The reason for Ernst’s stop Friday in Sioux City was to discuss supply chain issues with representatives of the family-owned retail chain which has 107 locations across Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota South, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.

“(It’s) important to understand how we grow and thrive even as we go through COVID,” Ernst said.

“(A) Walmart fulfillment center, everything is automated,” she said.

While meandering through the warehouse mezzanine, Ernst paused to fold a shirt out of an open box before putting it back in place. “Everything that comes in has a home,” a rep told Ernst at a stop.

Before heading to Bomgaars, Ernst stopped at Laurens, Storm Lake and Galva. His last scheduled meeting of the day was with pork producers from Golden Pheasant to Remsen.

Jared McNett is an online editor and reporter for the Sioux City Journal. You can reach him at 712-293-4234 and follow him on Twitter @TwoHeadedBoy98.

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