Random Observations: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Missouri Tigers in College Basketball

As with every game, there are some things that those of us who have to watch from start to finish with extreme attention tend to notice that others may not.

Here are some clips from tonight’s Missouri game.

• There were a lot of Arkansas fans at the game, most of whom were wearing the red Razorback behind the Hogs bench. However, one person stood out, not because of their gray sweater in this sea of ​​red, but because of the apparent shadow they continued to cast toward the student section.

It’s true. If you watch the game back, you can see Eric Musselman’s daughter, Mariah, taunting the only viable section of the Missouri crowd. When Arkansas was making a basket, she would turn and glare at them that proved she was more than equipped to be the wife wearing the pants in her future, then literally clapped.

• Didn’t even the Mizzou Arena maintenance staff want to come and watch Missouri play? At one point, the ball landed on a support behind the top of the backboard. After a few seconds of clumsiness, Razorback striker Jaylin Williams grabbed a nearby broom and knocked the ball down with a broom.

In an interview with SEC Network, Williams said as he looked around he realized people didn’t know how to release the ball, saying that since he already had it seen on television, he knew what to do.


But the care work didn’t stop there. At one point, the referees stop playing mid-dribble because of the wetness on the floor. An Arkansas staffer got a full minute of TV time as he scrubbed the floor, then returned a second time for an emphatic wax-and-wax clean that reportedly made Mr. Miyagi proud.

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• At one point, the student section of Missouri tried to start the countdown timer chant early to simulate JD Notae. Although it might have been confusing for viewers at home, Notae didn’t fall for it.

• If you suddenly had a craving for burgers and couldn’t figure out why, it was because digital billboards physically attached to shopping carts regularly displayed the word burgers in bold type. He also flashed occasionally in front of the scorer’s table.

• In other Mizzou Arena advertising observations, from time to time, an advertisement for Hy-Vee may appear in the arena. This is the grocery chain where St. Louis Rams Super Bowl MVP quarterback Kurt Warner worked before resuming his career as a professional quarterback with the Iowa Barnstormers.

Warner reportedly filmed part of an upcoming documentary starring Peyton Manning a few weeks ago at a Hy-Vee in Iowa.


• Needing vamp to fill time during part of the game lacking action and suspense, the announcement team detailed a story where Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman went train. Because his wife, Danyelle, had not yet returned from Fayetteville, Musselman had to ask the lady at reception to tie her shoes for her as her shoulder surgery makes this impossible.


The question is why wasn’t there anyone with the Razorbacks who could help him with that? If the boss wants to go practice there has to be someone other than the poor lady who gets yelled at all night because people don’t want a temporary incidental charge on their card for the To do.

Somewhere, there’s a potential trainee filming a Tik-Tok showing he knows how to tie shoes and put it to intense hip-hop music to immediately send to sports officials.

• Finally, because there were so few Missouri fans in the building, it was easy to hear a large group of Razorback fans calling out the Hogs. It doesn’t get much more embarrassing than that for a fanbase.

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