Ranking the Iowa Hawkeyes’ position groups in a 24-14 win over Colorado State


There is a lot of parity in college football; probably more this year than even previous years. The Iowa football team is a good football team. I wouldn’t consider them to be tall. Iowa doesn’t have the type of team that can show up and win by 30. We’re not built that way. Our defense and our special teams will lead us, and our offense has to play flawless football and make good games so that we can win. It finally happened on Saturday against a motivated Colorado State team. Let’s get into the position notes for our 4-0 Hawkeyes.



I did it. Alright, actually Spencer Petras did. He moved the needle past a “C” note. Petras returned the ball in a very important 14 point swing. I thought the play call and Tracy losing a “fight” for the ball led to this play. What Petras accomplished is something he hasn’t done much in the past. He connected on balls on the field. The day Petras was 15-23 for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns. The opposing defenses will throw the sink on Tyler Goodson. If Big Spence can charge the defenses by going over it, it will loosen the racing lanes for Goodson. It was a big first step for our attack in the future.


It was a hard day for Tyler goodson. The day Goodson rushed for 57 yards on 18 carries (3.2) and caught 4 balls for 34 yards. Goodson seemed hesitant for much of the game, waiting for holes to develop. Iowa hasn’t had much on the ground, and Iowa’s ground play sets the tone for our whole offense. It was a frustrating day in many ways.


Welcome to the show, Keagan johnson! I wrote a while ago that I thought the real Keagan Johnson would lead the Iowa wide receivers in touchdowns this year. Johnson has shown he belongs. Johnson displayed the same type of separation he showed in his high school movie.

It was also nice to see Arland Bruce IV get a sweep roll for a 13-yard explosive.

Iowa has traditionally been slow to allow special talent to see the field early on. My guess is that Brian Ferentz realizes that he has a special defense in front of his side of the ball and that if this team does not live up to expectations, they will come back to him. If you have playmakers, put them on the field. Props to Coach B. Ferentz for speeding up the timeline of real freshmen for a few of these kids. Johnson finished with 2 catches for 92 yards and one score. Nico ragaini Adjusted well on a vertical road and ended up with two catches for 38 yards.

TE: B +

Sam LaPorta regained the end zone for the Hawkeyes. The play appeal was about perfect. Iowa used a fake bubble screen and LaPorta was wide open for an easy six point score. LaPorta has been flagged for potentially the worst unsportsmanlike penalty in football history. Note to players, there is nothing you can do after scoring. No throwing the ball. No smile. No screaming. (This should cover it.)

LaPorta carried 4 balls for 45 yards and the score. Iowa hasn’t split the ball as much between tight ends this year as it has in the past. Luc Lachey is certainly capable. Iowa may have to use two more tight sets to kick off our running game.


The Iowa offensive line failed to do so on Saturday. Colorado State had 8 TFLs, 3 sacks and 2 QBHs. The Hawkeyes finished the day with 32 carries for 54 yards for an average of 1.7 yards / carry. It’s not Iowa football. New offensive line coach George Barnett needs to replace two starting tackles, but I would expect the Iowa offensive line to play to a higher level in 4 games. “Coach Kirk Ferentz, please come to the offensive line meeting room. The Hawks must show a drastic improvement over the next few weeks in this area or we’ll see our first flaw in the loss column.


DL: A-

Another week, another great exit from the Iowa defensive line. The Hawks continue to push production out of their frontline. Zach VanValkenburg had 5 tackles, 2.5 TFL and 1 QBH. Logan Lee had 5 tackles and 1 sack. Yahya Black was active with 4 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass break. Noah Shannon made 4 tackles that day. Finally, John Wagoner had 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL and 1 break pass. Finally, the state of Colorado averaged just 2 meters per race. The Hawkeyes fill out the stats sheet throughout their defensive line.


Linebacker Hawkeye Jack campbell was named B1G Defensive Player of the Week after recording 18 tackles, 3 broken assists and recovering a fumble. It was as if he was practically everywhere. If you were to ask a Colorado State player, they would probably say he was literally everywhere. It was that kind of game for him. Iowa has been honored with a few stellar linebackers over the years. Larry Station and Josey Jewell are some of the consensus All-Americans that come to mind. Campbell looks like he can do it someday. Iowa’s other starting linebackers, Seth benson and Jestin jacobs totaled 19 tackles between them with 1.5 TFL and 1 pressed QB. Here’s a clip of Campbell recovering a fumble deep in Colorado state territory.

DB / Cash: B

It was a pretty calm day for high school Hawkeye, and that’s often a good thing. The week before, the Hawks sometimes got their hands (eyes) caught in the cookie jar. Iowa played a more disciplined football game at the back than the week before. Iowa gave up a few scores against Colorado State on short courts. Hawkeye defenders threw a shutout in the second half. Matt Hankins led this position group with 8 tackles, including 1 TFL. Jack Koerner got 6 tackles, and Dane belton added 4 saves with 1 TFL and 1 break pass. A solid day and a solid note for the Iowa defensive backs.

Special teams: A-

Charlie jones had 111 yards back that day. The starting position on the field having won on a soccer field and a first down makes a big difference in a close soccer game. Jones made the difference. It’s not often that Tory taylor is not the best bettor in the field. Colorado State Bettor Ryan stonehouse looked like an NFL punter averaging 51.1 yards that day. Caleb Shudak was 3 for 3 on extra runs and he hit a 45-yard field goalie through the uprights on his only attempt. The Iowa special teams have always played at an A level this year. This consistency is formidable. It will also remain at such a level for Iowa to play Indianapolis for the B1G championship.


Tap comments on what you agree / disagree with. Part of the fun, Hawk fans! On the way to Maryland, and as always, Go Hawks!

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