Recruiting Route 2022 So Far: Wyoming

Welcome to the twelfth and final track in our twelve part series which hopefully speeds up the dead period a bit. These articles aim to provide a detailed look at what each team has done so far on the recruiting trail and the work that remains to be done before the NLI day in February. One team per day will be presented this year in alphabetical order. Today will look at Wyoming.


Wyoming’s 2021 season was interesting to say the least. They started strong, winning their first four games. When the schedule changed to conference play, so did their fortunes. The Cowboys lost their next four games, some embarrassingly, as they played seven unscoring quarterbacks and a disastrous eleven quarterbacks without a touchdown. They rebounded to become eligible at bowling and won their bowl game with ease to end the year strong.

However, the bottom fell at the end of the season. But what was not expected was the group of players who entered the transfer portal, which significantly dented the roster. Still, Wyoming signed a recruiting class similar to its usual standards under Coach Craigh Bowl. See below for more on their class.

The road so far:

Wyoming had a steady if not spectacular recruiting presence under Coach Bohl’s leadership and that continued in their 2022 class. They also tend to recruit from non-traditional Mountain West recruiting areas. They signed their fifteen players not only from California, Colorado, Texas and Wyoming, but also from Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri. The Cowboys class was very balanced, with eight offensive and seven defensive players.

Any offense starts with the quarterback, and Wyoming has found a good one in Caden Becker, who is a size ready for college. Likewise, running back LJ Richardson appears to be already built to handle the pounding he will get from carrying the ball. Caleb Merrit appears to be an impressive talent as a wide receiver, and Charlie Coenen is expected to be a contributor as well. Tight end Isaac Schoenfeld is the prototype of the big Wyoming tight end that will surely be factored into the passing game. The Cowboys have also focused heavily on the offensive line, bringing in Rex Johnsen, Mykel Janise and Wes King, all of whom have size and ability.

When it comes to defense, defensive linemen Kevin Sjogren, Jaden Williams and Jagger Filippone continue the model of players who arrive with a size ready for college. Caden Hawkins seems to do the trick with the linebacker. The defensive back seemed to be a priority, as Josh Dixon, Koa Mcintyre and Malique Singleton all have high potential.

Number of signatories in December: 15

Number of people who will register early: 0

247 composite rankings:

  • In total: 107th
  • Recruitment: 103rd
  • Transfer: N / A

The way to go:

Main remaining targets: LB, QB, WR, DB

Wyoming had additional work to do before the mass exodus into the transfer portal. Now that they’ve done that, the job becomes even more important. It’s worth noting that Wyoming hasn’t been very active in the transfer portal over the years under Coach Bohl’s leadership. While it is true that Josh Allen was a junior college transfer, he is more the exception and not the rule when it comes to Wyoming recruiting.

Linebacker is a great need as he hasn’t been covered much in recruiting at this point and it’s a position that will need an upgrade after losing Chad Muma to the NFL. One or two additional linebackers will be required for this position. The quarterback is just as big, if not bigger after their top two QBs entered the transfer portal. Coach Bohl has already made a statement saying they will be looking for a QB in the transfer portal, and they basically need one who can come in and start. Defensive back and wide receiver positions have been addressed in the Cowboy’s regular recruiting efforts, but now must arrive in the transfer market for players who can step in and make an impact immediately.

As mentioned above, Wyoming has avoided the transfer portal in the past, but it has now become a necessity. It will be uncharted recruiting territory for the Cowboys, but it’s crucial if they are to maintain what they’ve built under Bohl over the years.

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