Reynolds uses Border Trip to crush Biden


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Governor Kim Reynolds traveled to the US-Mexico border on Wednesday to accuse President Joe Biden of being responsible for the upsurge in migration and of not doing enough to deal with it.

Reynolds denied his visit was a political coup and said Biden had to take responsibility for a situation that has been around for decades but has escalated this year.

“If you think this is a political coup, people had better wake up because this is what is happening in our states,” she said on a call with the press. from Iowa.

Reynolds blamed immigrants for the increased levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine in the state, and used that as justification for getting involved at the border more than 1,000 miles from Des Moines.

“Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing to deal with this self-inflicted crisis,” Reynolds said on the trip.

During the call, Reynolds said the health and safety of the Iowans was his top priority. Meanwhile, the state’s updated COVID-19 figures show 6,654 people have died from COVID, more than 9,000 have tested positive since September 28, and children under the age of 17 continue to be tested positive for the virus more than any other age group.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Ross Wilburn issued a statement on Reynolds’ visit.

“Let’s call Governor Reynolds’ trip to the border what it is: nothing more than a political coup and a distraction from his failed leadership. Governor Reynolds had the opportunity to offer humanitarian assistance and honor Iowa’s proud tradition of welcoming those seeking a better life, but she chose to say it was “not our problem. “, did he declare.

This refers to Reynolds refusing the April federal government request that Iowa accept migrant children.

Reynolds visited the border after more than two dozen members of the Iowa State Patrol were dispatched to the US-Mexico border this summer for a 16-day period in response to a request from the governor of Texas , Greg Abbott.

The deployment cost the Iowans over $ 300,000, and Reynolds pitched the idea of ​​starting over.

His visit today will cost Iowa taxpayers just $ 500, with the remainder paid for by the Republican Governors’ Public Policy Committee.

On the call, Reynolds said she spent the day meeting with the border patrol and touring the area around the Rio Grande River, including a boat trip, where migrants typically cross. She said being there in person gave her a better idea of ​​what was going on.

Reynolds and nine other Republican governors came up with a list of 10 policies that in various ways would deter or limit the ability of people to cross the border.

One is to restore policies such as the “stay in Mexico” policy – officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols – which required migrants to stay on the Mexican side of the border while they were awaiting their asylum hearings.

In late September, Reynolds also joined 25 other Republican governors in requesting a meeting with Biden to talk about the border and discuss their ideas for handling the influx of migrants.

Democratic efforts to reform America’s immigration system have long been stalled, most recently in the Senate when an official said a path to citizenship could not be included in the budget bill that includes other social democratic priorities like expanding health insurance and educational opportunities.

Araceli Goode and Patricia Ritchie, chair and vice-chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Latinx Caucus, released a statement on Reynolds’ trip.

“Governor Reynolds and the Republicans of Iowa continue to use fear to separate us from each other when they know, as we do, that people born here are much more likely to commit crimes than people who immigrate here. This rhetoric is hurtful, dangerous, and normalizes hate attacks against the Latinx community in Iowa.

Other Governors on the border visit included: Greg Abbott (Texas), Doug Ducey (Arizona), Pete Ricketts (Nebraska), Brad Little (Idaho), Mike DeWine (Ohio), Brian Kemp (Georgia), Greg Gianforte (Montana), Kevin Stitt (Oklahoma) and Mark Gordon (Wyoming).

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