For the past eight years, Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has made it clear that he’s not a big fan of taxes.

But there is one tax he can apparently live on: the state gas tax.

Ricketts told News Channel Nebraska that he opposes any so-called “gas tax holidays,” even with gas prices around $5 a gallon in Nebraska.

Currently, the gasoline tax in Nebraska is 24.8 cents per gallon.

Governor Ricketts: Ultimately, we still have to maintain the highways here in Nebraska and so whatever you give up now, you’ll have to make up for on the road.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: But wouldn’t the gas tax exemption bring relief in the short term, but not in the long term, at least in the short term for some people?

Governor Ricketts: You’re still going to have to pay it at some point to be able to maintain our roads. And one of the things we know from talking to people in Nebraska is that they want to make sure we have well-maintained highways across the state.

According to several published reports, five states have suspended their gasoline taxes: Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Maryland and New York.

NCN spoke with Ricketts earlier this week before he tested positive for COVID and self-isolated.