Setting the stage: New Mexico



Colorado State (2-3, 1-0) vs. New Mexico (2-4, 0-2)
Dreamstyle Stadium | Albuquerque, New Mexico
Saturday October 16, 5 p.m.

FORT COLLINS, Colorado – After the first results, the road games aren’t that bad for Colorado State.

In Toledo, the Rams notched their first victory. In Iowa City, they clashed with the country’s current No.2 team. An ability to play well away from home is a great asset, but the head coach Steve addazio doesn’t see that his team is able to handle the distractions of a trip, but rather their ability to prepare for games in general.

“I don’t know if it’s a road game approach, per se. I just think it’s a game approach,” Addazio said after practice on Wednesday. “I think we focus so much on our efforts to improve each week, and I think coincidentally it started with Toledo on the road. I just think we had a really good approach.”

The Rams have won two of the last three games, with a week off in the mix. Meanwhile, Addazio underlines the maturity of the team and the growth it has shown by being able to prepare each week with more focus.

Each game brings a little something new to the table, and playing with New Mexico is no different.

“This week the challenge ends,” he said. “That is, dealing with all the mental overload work that we have with the physical work that we can bring home on Saturday, because that’s what matters. That’s the most number of shots. that we’ve had to deal with. I’m still looking at this, it’s all new. It’s different for us. “

Something to ignore

Facts are facts, and the Rams have won 10 straight games with New Mexico. However, it’s not something the team is focused on, one way or another.

They have some self-confidence because of the results but as a team they don’t even talk about the streak.

“I feel like once you look at it like you’ve beaten this team before, you take them lightly, that’s when a team is going to win and finally beat you.” , defensive lineman Devin phillips noted. “Once a team gets complacent and feels good, we’ve beaten that team for so many years… You can’t think of it like that. Any team can be beaten any week.”

Phillips said the coaches haven’t even addressed everything. He heard no reference to it in a meeting or in training. Obviously the older players know this because they have been part of the race, and most of them know it through the media channels.

Still, they just don’t think about it, only the Lobos are who they are this season.

“We don’t talk about it as players,” he said. “We’re just focusing on our game. If we focus on ourselves, we’re going to come out on top and do our best.”

Here and there

Addazio hopes to have both ball carriers David Bailey and wide Dante Wright back in line, at least to some extent. Wright took a snap last week, but Bailey didn’t play at all. Even with his return, Addazio sees a heavy mix of him, A’Jon Vivens (after the first 100-yard game of his career) and Jaylen thomas. If either of them gets hot, the coach said, they’ll ride with him. … For the second game in a row, the Rams are preparing to face a team that could do without their starting quarterback. This time around, Addazio doesn’t see a glaring difference in the way the Lobos’ offense works, no matter who’s in the middle.


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