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By sms loan is usually meant a smaller loan amount. The most common request for loan amount in our price search is SEK 5,000. Otherwise, there are no fixed limits.

Quick and easy payment

The loan is often paid on the same day. Some lenders offer payouts during business hours, both in the evening and on weekends, provided you use the same bank as the lender. It is more a rule than an exception that a sms loan is paid most recently on the next banking day.

Borrowing without UC is popular with those looking for a sms loan. This means that the lender instead of the credit reporting company UC uses an alternative credit reporting service. For example, Creditsafe or Bisnode.

The advantage for the borrower, if you can call it an advantage, is that it will be easier to get a loan granted if the person concerned has many requests from UC. Many inquiries to UC, especially regarding consumer loans, can lead to lower credit ratings and thus affect the possibility of granting a loan. However, this is not the same thing as the lender ignoring a credit report – which must be done by law. However, the credit reporting service you use is up to each individual lender to determine.

Borrow with payment note

Compared to larger private loans, a sms loan is easier to secure than granted. This does not mean that loans are granted automatically or that you “borrow anonymously” which are in fact myths.

However, many people do not deny you a loan automatically because you have a payment note. So at least you get the chance to submit your application to have it tested with your current financial conditions. Because sms loans are relatively small and have a higher interest rate, a lower credit risk is created for the lender and more applications are granted.

No lender approves loans to you who have a debt balance with Melderosa Loan.

A sms loan is usually an expensive credit that should not be taken unnecessarily, regularly or long term. Although today’s sms loans are not as aggressive in their design as the earliest sms loans, healthy risk awareness is obviously wise. A loan can always lead to problems if you cannot afford to repay.