The mental approach of rams to get to the right place



FORT COLLINS, Colorado – Tenacity Steve addazio talked about his first day as a trainer wasn’t just the built-in weight room guy. There was another layer, just as important.

He was also looking for the will of the mind, a level that allows a player to get through the last rep or sprint of a strength and conditioning session. The courage to get through the drudgery of an entire fall camp and a full season. To carry the importance of each game, whether in practice or a game.

A desire to do it day after day.

“There is no doubt that we are heading in the right direction, what it takes to prepare and what it means each week,” Addazio said after the first practice of the week off. “They have a great mentality in the way they practice and approach things. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. I still think there’s room to grow. It takes time, but we see it. come to fruition. It’s probably not perfect yet, but it’s on track. “

No, not perfect. Addazio sees it in what he calls stupid penalties, those that arise from a lack of concentration. Jump offside while attempting to set up or shoot an unsportsmanlike flag for an extracurricular activity.

He wants them to be sharp, all the time. And there’s no better test of where the Rams are at than with a 1-3 record before the off week. There is a confidence that the team will handle things the right way, because while they might not be perfect, they are growing.

“There is always room for improvement, but the way the guys are handling it is great”, defensive end Scott Patchan noted. “We’re 1-3, but we’re up against tough opponents. When you look at it from that point of view, you want to be 4-0. Nobody likes to lose; losing is not fun. But you see the growth with it. guys, and I think that’s where the maturity comes in, where the guys have really grown from last year to this year. You see guys take one practice to another and the game plan on the pitch and actually execute it, and have the maturity to not back down. It will be interesting during the week off how mature the guys are. “

Center Cam Reddy sees it in the daily life of the team, how they behave and how they approach the practice. The right mindset for a team does not come from a single team meeting, but from the different groups within a team that come together on a daily basis, which in turn come out and sweat together.

What he’s seen is a group that holds their peers accountable, and it’s starting to spread throughout the team. Now players on the other side of the line also challenge those outside their room.

They encourage a culture.

“I think I would say I’m pretty impressed with our work. I think the mental part, you can see it every week; you can see the team growing week by week up to Iowa,” a- he declared. “I think each post room is very focused on improving what it needs to improve. Each room is making strides for the benefit of the team, and you can see that every week.

“I love our fight. I love this team’s fight. I think it comes from our head coach, who is a fighter. We want to fight like him. I think we get better every week, but we are far from being satisfied, because the record is obviously what it is, but we are motivated to keep fighting and to win games in the future in our conference. “

For Addazio, the week off is a blessing, but it could also be an obstacle for his team.

The week is a great time to try to get some players back to good health. They hope to get David Bailey return, as well as Dante Wright, who missed the last few games. The return of Henri blackburn the starting XI would also be a plus. They will also provide relief to some veterans who are feeling the effects of four physical fights, so players like Trey McBride and Patchan will take more mental than physical reps.

What he’s curious to see is how a team he saw gradually improve from week one to game four continues.

“These weeks off are great, but we were really climbing steadily. Now all of a sudden, boom. How do we deal with that?” he said. “Do we come back and feel fresh and keep riding, or do we come out a little out of sync again? Obviously, we’re hoping this week we pick up where we left off and keep growing. all the things when you’re in the early stages of building a program, these are the things you need to put in place. ”

Patchan is not worried. The reaction to the loss to No.5 Iowa was focused. Yes, the Rams were glad they played better. But they were livid, they didn’t pull off the upheaval they felt they positioned themselves to complete. There were no smiles, there were tears. And swear words.

It’s a team he’s proud of, and a team he can trust will see the truth. There are a lot of things they can accomplish, and it’s like having your mind in the right place. For the present and the later.

“I love our fight and the desire of our guys to make a difference,” he said. “You play weeklong seasons. The goal is to go to a bowl game, obviously. You have one and we have eight more chances to hit that goal. If that lines up, we win it all. throughout the conference it’s even better. It’s even more the goal. We have eight odds and ends and we want to see the team improve. Last year we failed to create the culture as we wanted. This is the season when we can do it, and we want to establish it for years to come. We want to build that foundation. “


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