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Veteran Colorado politician Matt Connelly has started a new communications company, Campfire media, in Denver this week.

“There is no better place to tell stories than around a campfire and there will be no better business to tell a customer’s story than Campfire Media,” said Connelly . “After 15 years of experience at the highest levels of political campaigning and communications consulting, I am delighted to start my own firm to fight for new causes and help businesses grow.”

The company offers strategic and rapid response communications, media intelligence services, public relations and creative media products to be announced in the coming months, Connelly said.

Although Connelly has had a diversity of nonprofit and business clients over the past five years, he admitted he hopes to get back to participating in campaigns.

Connelly was Cory Gardner’s press secretary in 2014, when Republican Congressman Yuma overthrew Mark Udall in the US Senate. Shortly thereafter, Connelly was the national press secretary of the National Republican Senate Committee.

“Colorado is one of the most competitive states in the country for campaign politics at all levels,” Gardner said in a statement provided by Campfire Media. “Matt has the proven ability and courage to take on tough challenges and the agility to succeed in the spotlight. Matt’s background outside of Colorado to Washington, DC and across the country speaks volumes about his ability to execute. constant.

Connelly was also the executive director of the newsroom of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he provided communications assistance to the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Scott Walker, for whom he was the traveling press secretary for the campaign.

“As I traveled through New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa with Matt Connelly during my 2016 presidential campaign, I saw firsthand his tough work ethic and his ability to connect with both voters and reporters, ”Walker said. “Any candidate or company would be lucky to have such a calm hand and a skillful communicator on their team.

Connelly moved from campaigns to consulting in 2016, and has since advised businesses, nonprofits, and local businesses in Colorado.

The Pew Charitable Trusts hired Connelly to educate the media on the financial challenges facing the national parks system.

Former state treasurer Walker Stapleton, a 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate, also worked with Connelly.

“As someone who has spent time in both the public and private sectors, I can confidently say that Matt Connelly knows how to create value not only in politics but also in business,” said he said in a press release. It is clear that Matt understood how to bring his wealth of campaign knowledge to the private sector in ways that impact his clients. ”


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