Which states have the highest and lowest gas tax rates?

With gasoline prices remaining at historically high levels, more attention is being paid to state-defined gasoline taxes. States, like the federal government, can levy taxes on fuels like gasoline and diesel.

California currently has the highest gas tax rate in the state and it could increase even more in the coming months. It had been hoped that current economic conditions would encourage Governor Gavin Newsom to abandon the planned annual gasoline excise tax hike on July 1, but that will not be possible.

“It is clear now that the legislature will not act in time to provide this immediate and limited relief,” said Alex Stack, spokesman for Newsom.

Which states have the highest gas tax rates?

The rate of tax levied on gasoline and diesel can vary widely from state to state, which means recent fuel price hikes have hurt some more than others.

If you are driving interstate, it may be worth checking the relative tax rates. Drivers in Arizona will pay just 19¢ tax per gallon of gas, while residents of neighboring California will pay almost 50¢ more.

Kiplinger estimates that, for someone who travels about 20,000 km per year, the difference could represent an annual saving of approximately $235. Here are the states with the highest current gas tax rates:

10. Florida – 43.55¢ per gallon gasoline, 36.37¢ per gallon diesel

9. Michigan – 45.17¢ per gallon gasoline, 47.16¢ per gallon diesel

8. New York – 48.22¢ per gallon gas, 46.98¢ per gallon diesel

7. Washington – 49.4¢ per gallon gas, 49.4¢ per gallon diesel

6. Indiana – 49.79¢ per gallon gas, 54¢ per gallon diesel

5. Nevada – 50.48¢ per gallon gasoline, 28.56¢ per gallon diesel

4. Hawaii – 51.69¢ per gallon gas, 52.41¢ per gallon diesel

3. Pennsylvania – 58.7¢ per gallon gasoline, 75.2¢ per gallon diesel

2. Illinois – 59.6¢ per gallon gasoline, 67.02¢ per gallon diesel

1. California – 68.15¢ per gallon gasoline, 99.91¢ per gallon diesel

Which states have the lowest gas tax rates?

In response to the current situation in Ukraine and the still high price of gasoline, many states are considering offering gas tax reductions to help motorists at the pumps. In red and blue states, short-term solutions are being considered to help reduce costs.

However, the states with the lowest gas tax rates are still overwhelmingly Republican-led. Here are the states with the lowest current gas tax rates:

10. Delaware – 23¢ per gallon gasoline, 22¢ per gallon diesel

9. Colorado – 22¢ per gallon gas, 20.5¢ per gallon diesel

8. Louisiana – 20.01¢ per gallon gasoline, 20.01¢ per gallon diesel

=6. Oklahoma – 20¢ per gallon gasoline, 20¢ per gallon diesel

=6. Texas – 20¢ per gallon gasoline, 20¢ per gallon diesel

5. Missouri – 19.92¢ per gallon gas, 19.92¢ per gallon diesel

4. Arizona – 19¢ per gallon gasoline, 27¢ per gallon diesel (19¢ per gallon for light vehicles)

3. New Mexico – 18.88¢ per gallon gasoline, 22.88¢ per gallon diesel

2. Mississippi – 18.79¢ per gallon gasoline, 18.4¢ per gallon diesel

1. Alaska – 15.13¢ per gallon gasoline, 14.98¢ per gallon diesel

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