Why your Colorado grocery bill might be on the rise

The temporary closure of Interstate 70 via Glenwood Canyon has a major impact on the Coloradans in more ways than one.

Of course, anyone who has traveled the I-70 corridor in recent days is well aware of how the freeway closure has dramatically increased travel times across the state. Detours around Glenwood Canyon add almost three hours to the travel times between the waterfront and the West Slope. However, the downside of the shutdown isn’t even the worst.

Our incredible transportation system

One of the things a lot of us take for granted is the availability of things like groceries and gasoline coming to us through those big tractor-trailers that we see rumble on the highway. . Personally, I don’t even understand how the system works so efficiently. All I know is that every time I go to the grocery store I find fresh bananas and lettuce. It’s quite remarkable when you stop and realize the same is true of every grocery store in Colorado and across the country. How is it going ?

Closure of I-70 could lead to higher prices at the grocery store

Obviously, the interstate system is crucial for the efficient delivery of groceries, gasoline, and merchandise, whether they are coming from California or going to Grand Junction from Denver. The closure of I-70 presents challenges for truckers that could impact your wallet at the grocery store.

A report of KDVR talked about the impact we might see at the grocery store due to the extra miles truckers have to travel to complete their deliveries. Large detours mean higher fuel costs and more time on the road – and higher expenses for trucking companies. At some point, these additional costs must be passed on to consumers.

For example, truck drivers transporting produce from Southern California to Denver have to detour through Wyoming, which adds miles and hours to the trip, resulting in additional costs. Who do you think will end up paying?

Feel the impact

If you haven’t traveled recently and haven’t been affected by the closure of I-70 in this manner, you may be feeling the impact of the closure through higher prices at the grocery store. If your grocery bill seems higher than normal, this might be why.

What we are realizing more than ever is that I-70 is more than a convenient way to cross Colorado. The highway is essential to the state‘s commerce and economy, and the sooner it reopens, the better for everyone – and their wallets.

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