Would 12-team college football playoffs benefit Wyoming?

LARAMIE – As Texas and Oklahoma rushed to the Southeastern Conference and rumors circulated about additional FBS programs deserting or joining other leagues, you may have forgotten that there are currently a 12-team playoff format under consideration.

Could this be useful for Wyoming?

Craig bohl thinks.

“Yeah, I think it’s awesome,” said the Wyoming head coach at the annual Mountain West Media Days in Las Vegas. “I feel like college football was meant to be more inclusive than exclusive. I think it’s good for our game.”

Does 12 teams just mean more Power-5 teams clinch a national title?

Not necessarily.

The proposal guarantees seats for the six highest ranked conference champions. Overall offers will go to the next six with the highest ranking in the final polls.

A panel of 11 teams made up of 10 league commissioners, including the head of the West Mountain Craig thompson, and sports director of Notre Dame, Jack swarbrick, pushed the idea of ​​expanding the college football qualifiers from four teams to a dozen.

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In the proposal, the four top-ranked teams would be given a first-round pass, which could start as early as two weeks after the conference championship games. Four play-in matches would take place on the campuses of the top-ranked teams in the bracket.

Media rights could reach up to $ 1 billion, according to CBSsports.com

Bohl said it was time to grow. He added that the NFL is the most watched sport in the country. Just below, college football.

“We have to continue to develop this brand,” he said.

There is another reason why this could have an impact for a school like Wyoming. Bohl used one word – access.

“I know we have a damn good league and it’s competitive,” he said. “If one of our teams gets into this thing, they’ll have a hell of a race. Having access to it will be great.”

Remember the BCS busters?

Utah, then a member of Mountain West, crushed the party in 2006, toppling Pittsburgh 35-7 in the Fiesta Bowl. Two years later, Boise State, then a member of the Western Athletic Conference, pulled off a 43-42 stunner in overtime against Oklahoma in that same bowl game in the desert.

In 2008, Hawaii represented the WAC in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia. The following year, the Utes shocked the college football world again with a 31-17 victory over Alabama. Boise State and then-MWC TCU met at the Fiesta Bowl in 2010. The Horned Frogs went to the Rose Bowl the following January and beat Wisconsin, 21-19.

It can be done.

“This will change our profile nationally,” Bohl said. “… I applaud Commissioner Thompson.”

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