Wyoming 24, UConn 22: how they scored | national

Wyoming 24, UConn 22

Wyoming; 0; 3; 7; 14; 24

UConn; 10; 3; 0; 0; 22


UConn 3, Wyoming 0

Joe McFadden 28 FG

TIME: 11:39

DRIVE: 7 games, 45, yards, 3:15

KEY GAME: Keyon Blankenbaker was called up for pass interference on a third and three to set the tone for a long day of penalties for the UW high school.

UConn 10, Wyoming 0

Jay Rose 42 pass from Tyler Phommachanh (McFadden kick)

TIME: 1:25

DRIVE: 6 stops, 74 yards, 1:06

KEY GAME: Phommachanh completed an 18-yard pass to Kevens Clercius before Rose’s touchdown came on a false end of the lap.


UConn 13, Wyoming 0

McFadden 29 FG

TIME: 12:54

DRIVE: 5 games, 29 yards, 2:47

KEY GAME: Phommachanh was intercepted by Esaias Gandy, but the game was wiped out due to a roughness from the passer against Ravontae Holt.

UConn 13, Wyoming 3

John Hoyland 24 FG

TIME: 4:44

DRIVE: 16 games, 72 yards, 8:06

KEY GAME: Sean Chambers converted a third and 10 by stretching the ball for an 11-yard gain to keep the drive alive.


UConn 13, Wyoming 10

Isaiah Neyor 18 assist from Sean Chambers (kick from Hoyland)

TIME: 10:15

DRIVE: 9 games, 69 yards, 4:40

KEY GAME: Chambers completed a 12-yard pass to Parker Christensen, who was touched late out of bounds for 15 more yards on UConn’s penalty.


UConn 16, Wyoming 10

McFadden 35 FG

TIME: 11:16

DRIVE: 16 stops, 74 yards, 6:15

KEY GAME: Rome Weber’s 12-yard sack in UW’s third and 5-yard goal forced the Huskies to settle for field goal.

Wyoming 17, UConn 16

Xazavian Valladay 1 run (Hoyland kick)

TIME: 6:31

DRIVE: 10 stops, 77 yards, 4:39

KEY GAME: Chambers completed a 23-yard pass to Ayden Eberhardt on third and 7 to the 1-yard line to establish Valladay’s score.

Wyoming 24, UConn 16

Titus Swen 2 run (Hoyland kick)

TIME: 3:34

DRIVE: 5 games, 29 yards, 2:43

KEY GAME: Gandy’s interception on UConn’s first play after Valladay’s score placed UW on UConn’s 29-yard line for the short scoring practice.

Wyoming 24, UConn 22

Nate Carter 2 runs

TIME: 0:04

DRIVE: UW was called up for three pass interference penalties to put the Huskies in a position to tie the game, but Weber broke the 2-point conversion pass to seal the victory.

KEY GAME: 14 stops, 64 yards, 3:24

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