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Wyoming, City of Kent – Voters in both constituencies will be asked to approve tax demands in the elections on Tuesday, May 3. In Wyoming, it’s a $24.9 million bond to pay for the renovation of Wyoming Junior High, while Kent City voters will be asked to renew non-family operating mileage and a fund depreciation allowance for ongoing facility maintenance and site improvement. Neither request would increase current tax rates in either district.

Here is an overview of the two requests:

Wyoming Public Schools

Request: The district is asking for $24.9 million to renovate Wyoming Junior High to resemble the new Wyoming High School building. Officials say the new high school that opened in 2020 has improved students’ educational experience and they want to replicate that with improvements to the aging middle school, including the construction of a two-story addition. The approval would add about $11 million to renovations already planned by the district’s $79.5 million bond issue in 2017. The ballot language is broad, allowing the district to fund other projects if the project’s lower secondary does not cost as much as expected.

Cost: Debt mileage would remain at the same 5.65 mil level since 2016, as the district’s property value growth does not require the rate to be increased.

Details: Neighborhood Info Page

Narrative: Bond would finance the reconstruction of the college to reflect the high school

Kent City Community Schools

Request: The district is asking voters for five-year renewals of its non-family operating fund and its sinking fund, both of which expire this year. The operating mileage of 17.7881 mils is levied only on businesses, commercial and investment properties, vacation homes and rental properties, not principal residences. It is expected to bring in about $609,355 in revenue in 2023, or about 4% of the district’s budget. The 0.9783 mill sinking fund is expected to bring in about $242,911 in 2023 for building-related expenses, such as boiler work and floor resurfacing.

Cost: For the non-family operating mile, the owner of a non-family property worth $100,000 pays $1,780 in taxes. For the sinking fund, taxes cost about $98 on properties including primary residences worth $100,000. As renewals, none of the requests would increase the tax rate.

Details: Neighborhood Info Page

Narrative: Renewal of the operating and sinking fund on the ballot of May 3

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