Wyoming Whiskey Launches Fifth Outryder Expression


KIRBY, Wyo. – Wyoming Whiskey launches the fifth expression of its American Outryder Straight whiskey. Outryder was first launched in October 2016, representing the first use of rye by Wyoming Whiskey, along with corn and malted barley. It quickly became a favorite among whiskey connoisseurs across the country and has a history unlike any other product in Wyoming‘s whiskey portfolio.

Those who have followed the brand for years may remember the interesting story behind Outryder’s creation – and it started with the founding distiller of Wyoming Whiskey, Bourbon Hall of Famer and former Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, Steve Nally. At the request of co-founder David DeFazio during the early resurgence of rye whiskey, Nally defiantly produced a phenomenal high-rye whiskey that did not meet the legal requirement of 51% to be called rye; Nally was not a fan of rye whiskey. Years later, as the alcohol got older, it was discovered to contain only 48% rye. As a result, Wyoming Whiskey had no choice but to develop a straight and distinct American whiskey. To hear a snippet of the entertaining and charismatic story of David DeFazio himself, check out this Instagram video from The Spirit Guide Society from the previous launch.

Following the popularity of its first two iterations of Outryder, in 2016 and 2017, Wyoming Whiskey accepted the finite amount of 2011 whiskey inventory used to create the initial batches. In order to perpetuate the legacy of this exceptional whiskey, Wyoming Whiskey has started to combine its 10 year old “almost rye” whiskeys (48% rye, 40% corn, 12% malt) and bourbon (68 % corn, 20% rye, 12% malt), with two whiskeys distilled at the start of 2017, which are considered a “real rye” (51% rye, 37% corn, 12% malt) and bourbon (68% corn, 20 % rye, 12% malt).

Due to the use of whiskeys from two different distillation seasons, Wyoming Whiskey cannot attach the linked designation. However, it is still bottled at 100 proofs and it is 100% made in Wyoming. The resulting Straight American Whiskey is true to the flavor profile that Wyoming Whiskey fans expect and love. According to master blender Nancy Fraley, the notes of cherry, honey hay and molasses are unique to this year’s offering.

“Outryder continues to be the most revered whiskey we offer, and one that I am proud to have fought for,” said David Defazio, co-founder of Wyoming Whiskey. “And the exchange between me and Steve continues to be one of the brand’s most meaningful and entertaining stories. Her challenge resulted in something truly beautiful and unique that we would never have intentionally created by design. “

Wyoming Whiskey Master Blender Nancy Fraley has continued to refine Outryder expression through cask selection and her specific blending process. Fraley has given Outryder excellent ratings, going so far as to say that it is his favorite Wyoming whiskey product and his personal “daily sipper”. Fraley’s tasting notes for Outryder’s 2021 release are as follows:

  • COLOR: Copper to mahogany
  • NOSE: This season’s Outryder features pumpernickel bread with melted butter, honey aromas of beeswax candles with orange blossom pollen and warm cherry cobbler
  • MOUTH: The initial starter is hot chocolate, yeast cookies drizzled with black molasses, honey hay and roasted cumin in brown butter
  • MOUTH: Medium viscosity with lots of caramelized wood sugars with a slight spiciness of rye
  • FINISH: Long and warm, with lingering flavors of maple syrup on French toast

A total of 11,520 bottles of Outryder will be available for purchase across the United States for a suggested price of $ 74.99 starting in November 2021.

Wyoming Whiskey continues to stick to its Western heritage, producing whiskey the right way, not the easy way: from scratch. Using water from a mile-deep limestone aquifer and all non-GMO grains sourced from Wyoming, Wyoming Whiskey lives up to the maxims of bourbon candy, while also reflecting the feel and taste of the place where it was made. Since day one, every drop of Wyoming Whiskey has been made in Kirby.

Outryder can be purchased online at ReserveBar or Caskers. It will also be distributed in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin and, of course, Wyoming.

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Born on the land where the Bighorn River carves the Big Horn Basin, the Mead Family Ranch proudly distills Wyoming whiskey. Made from corn, barley and wheat and shaped by the harsh elements of the West, six rickhouses house the oak barrels, aging the spirits to exceptional levels. Its process is affected by wild temperature variations of 135 ° at the height of the warehouse during the summer and drops precipitously to 5 ° degrees in the depths of winter. There’s a reason their whiskey stands alone.


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